Hundreds missing after devastating fire in world’s biggest refugee camp – BBC News

Greater than 400 persons are lacking and 15 confirmed useless after a fireplace at an enormous refugee camp in Bangladesh. Tens of hundreds of Rohingya muslims who had …

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41 thoughts on “Hundreds missing after devastating fire in world’s biggest refugee camp – BBC News

  1. Loo j.lo out for a big bird called the rapodn and the black dragons bin. Spitting fire and the gargoyles of the United nation is going to pay for this slatter onthis p pople and be hang in the middle of the United KINGDOM areania and then the cia chief g

  2. What a horrific tragedy to all those lives and lost .. what makes it worse is this was probably no accident either!

  3. Bangladesh needs to Pay refugees to flee to safe countries. This is a hate crime against Islam and Muslims

  4. Tents are combustible by the look of all. Somebody must have burned one tent by accident and so other tents caught fire.

  5. First Syria, now Myanmar, then Bangladesh, who is next?? But Useless Nations and World (un)Security Council keep their silence

  6. The news..white man bad
    Other news..aid arrives from Europe
    The news. white man bad
    Other news. Europe sends in peace keepers.
    The news. White man bad…..

  7. They are bangladeshi and they are in home in Bangladesh… that's one and only home they have…
    When those muslims talk they are talks against to the others, now then those same nation and the same language people are in "refugee camp" in own country?
    Stop spreading bullshit , just help own your country men's women's and the children's…

  8. Chineses"s. drugs. government. make. these. Bengaladish. and. Myanmar. problems. for. UN. donations. Chineses"s. drugs. "s. funs. are. UN"s. donations. to. use. for. occuping. this. world.

  9. This is so sad their countries get attack by foreigns and they have to leave their country and get bullied in other countries what sad world we leaving in! I hope day of judgement comes soon want this world to end!!

  10. I can see that Myanmar is becoming the next Syria((( The world community should immediately act to prevent this

  11. Just look at all the children… why have children when the circumstances are so dire, and their problems did not start yesterday..

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