Hoyer Announces House Will Vote To Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene From Committees | Andrea Mitchell

Rep. Steny Hoyer has introduced that the Home might be shifting ahead with a vote to take away Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments.

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24 thoughts on “Hoyer Announces House Will Vote To Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene From Committees | Andrea Mitchell

  1. Now if we can put our biggest international threat in prison that would be just grand…trump go to prison NOW!!!!!! America depends on it…

  2. Communism at its finest! How long are the American people going to allow the Communist democrats to continue with this illegal communist take over? I can't believe the spineless sheep in these comments actually think this is ok? People falling for this brainwashing, lies, and manipulation from the communist left must be very gullible and stupid.

  3. What about Waters, Harris, Tlaib, Omar, Bush, and many others who have called for violence, and destruction of property. Assault on law enforcement. Anarchy. They have called for all of these things time after time. While cities were being burnt down. Businesses looted. Court houses burned. Law enforcement killed.

  4. Just just in. MTG is now barred from sitting on the two committees McCarthy rewarded her with. 11 Republicans joined the 100% of Democrats to vote “aye”.

  5. Poor Marjorie..no committee work…well, she can spend all day in her office now counting paper clips…1…2…3…4…

  6. Successes of the administration of President Trump: 1_ Incentives for US companies outside the United States to return to US soil 2_ The largest tax cut especially for the middle class in the history of this country. 3._The unemployment rate fell to 3.5%, being the lowest rate in the last 60 years. 4._ Never have blacks, Hispanics and women had as many jobs as in the Trump administration. 5_ The Stock Market doubled during the Trump administration. 6_The United States became the world's leading oil exporter. 7_ No war during his administration by him. 8._ He got several Arab countries to sign peace with Israel. 9._ He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 10_Elimination of the terrorist group ISIS in Afghanistan. 11. Restoration of Christian values. 12._ Renegotiation of all commercial agreements to achieve greater benefits. 13._ Vaccine in record time to save millions of lives when a large part of the Democrats said it was impossible to get it. 14._ Border security, construction of a wall of more than 450 miles to prevent the entry of gang members and traffickers. 15._Creation of a special military force called THE UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE so that this country continues to be the main military power in the world. 16._Reduction of the cost of medicine like never before with 4 executive orders. 17._ Creation of a commission to promote patriotic education in schools so that our children grow up loving their country and the founders of this great nation.

  7. I have kept away from any comment for a month but this is unreal! Republicans don't want to get rid of MTG! How repulsive is that?!!!

  8. She runs around the capitol with the Trump won hat on and supposedly still carrying a gun. And the stupid Republicans applauded her when she apologized do they really believe she meant it

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