Howard Remembers Dawn Wells and “Gilligan’s Island”

Howard Stern appears again at actress Daybreak Wells’ most notable position as Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island” and chats with Jon Hein concerning the plot of the 1960s sitcom.

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34 thoughts on “Howard Remembers Dawn Wells and “Gilligan’s Island”

  1. I had the same realization about Saved By The Bell recently. I thought it was on for years and years but really it only ran for 4 seasons or something. I watched so much Saved By The Bell in syndication when I was younger after school and shit.

  2. Loved Gilligans Island. RIP all the castaways. Tina 'Ginger' Louise is the only survivor. But always thought. They could make all these contraptions & build everything. But couldn't fix holes in a boat. And despite being stranded on an island. They are always in brand new clothes & the girls seem to have an never-ending supply of make-up and always had perfect hair.

  3. The Globetrotter thing wasn't actually from the series run, but from a 1981 TV Movie. Once the show became popular in syndication, they brought the cast back every year or so in the late 70's/early 80's to do a different Gilligan's Island TV movie.

  4. The Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island was a made for TV movie that debuted in 1981 long after the original show ended.

  5. 3 years, wow….I think the episodes were so repetitious and monotonous, it formed a continuity loop that made the series feel like it was 7 or 8 seasons instead of 3 😂

    RiP dear Dawn 🕊💙

  6. The Globetrotters was one of the reunion movies after they were rescued and the Howells built the resort there on the island

  7. It was a big hit, but it was canceled to make room for the recently uncanceled "Gunsmoke." CBS was teased over the show, but actual people watched and loved it.

  8. i was nine when this debuted…right away i had a huge crush on Dawn..when i was 35 i met her in a airport waiting for check in…she was just as bright thoughtful and kind as you would have imagined
    she took as much time as she could for autographs and pictures with folks….peace to you will be remembered fondly

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