Minecraft Skyblock #37 – HOW TO HAVE THE BEST SKYBLOCK iSLAND! – Welcome to my Minecraft Multiplayer Skyblock Collection! Skyblock is a recreation mode in …

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25 thoughts on “HOW TO HAVE THE BEST SKYBLOCK iSLAND!? ( Minecraft Skyblock )

  1. Your inside joke is from little pump. I love little pump. I really want to talk with you. I'm always on the server message me. Ign AlexIsNotFat

  2. you should do something where if you do something like /is stats its shows how much spawners and blocks you have etc. just like how it would be on is top

  3. Hey Wild if you want a challenge for the key all then challenge your viewers to hit that like button but in X amount hours of video release to hit a X amount of like to unlock the chance of that key in the key all. Then you could do a challenge with it or choose a random player(key representative) for like parkour challenge/guessing numbers/team tags(with your is member as there partner)/ect…

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