How to get SLIME PORTAL in Roblox Islands (Skyblock)

Roblox Islands – easy methods to get slime portal in roblox islands Thank You, To each viewer who has watched my movies! You should definitely subscribe, like & remark and …

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31 thoughts on “How to get SLIME PORTAL in Roblox Islands (Skyblock)

  1. i used to have over 100 slime portal shards from when they used to sell them but the game took them out of my inventory

  2. Beef idk how to git on discord on mobile but tell the game owner if you can on mobile theres a bug to were you can eat food it works but then a few minutes later it dont it kinda annoying bc I cant heal

  3. Fun fact non of us are early beefplayzz is

    And beefplayzz how do you get seed cause i have not played in a while

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