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31 thoughts on “how to get *NEW* RARE SWORD!! | Islands/Skyblock ROBLOX

  1. Its easy to get its just that owner is stupid that you have to wait 22 hours for the next quest and the 5 kill streak is kinda hard to complete

  2. Tip: In the pvp zone, all weapons only do 5 (7 on crit) damage but other things like knockback and the speed of the weapon is NOT changed, so the rage blade is the best for it, so it’s all depends on the knockback, speed, and the amount of Hp you have. Not to mention, all food inside the game no longer matters in the pvp zone because all types of food gives you the same Hp, so you better have a lot of food with you, and if you don’t… Ya better start stock up some!

  3. Tip: in ur thumb nail if u are going to put the new sword in ur hand u will know that it is clickbate and if u are going to hold a rage blade a Color over it fade out the white when u draw on it

  4. tbh I could careless about islands now bc I gave all my stuff away as a Leaving event for me, but its nice to see new things happening in it still

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