How to Get INFINITE Electricity In Roblox Islands

Roblox Islands had the electrical energy replace some time in the past, however now a option to get INFINITE POWER has been perfected! I present learn how to get infinite electrical energy in Roblox …

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26 thoughts on “How to Get INFINITE Electricity In Roblox Islands

  1. This is duping power while making it a batterie but it lasts for one second but it uses all the power (I think idk I don’t usually do elec things)

  2. Bro i found a dupiing glitch and want to tell you so devs can fix it
    Accpet my friend request and join my game

  3. I tried this with my steel farm (that im using split conveys with it) and i dose have infinite power and i dont think adding more power to it madders so yeah and the only problem with it is that the power dosen’t save when i leave and rejoin but other than that it works pretty well

  4. telanthric if u are reading this pls make video on weapons disappearing. so what happend to me is i was grinding on my alt acc and when i was fighting i died then when i tried to equip my weapon it did not equip it. its icon was still there but the sword was not there its just disappeared i tried to reset and reequip but it did not work then when i rejoined it fully disappeared this happend to my brother too. i lost my CUTLASS and my brother lost RAGE BLADE! I WANT MY CUTLASS BACK THAT JUST DISAPPEARED TELL THE CREATOR TO FIX IT!!

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