How to get GOLDEN PORTAL!! in Roblox Islands (Skyblock)

Roblox Islands – get golden portal when it was within the recreation. Thank You, To each viewer who has watched my movies! You’ll want to subscribe, like …

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34 thoughts on “How to get GOLDEN PORTAL!! in Roblox Islands (Skyblock)

  1. PERFECT NOW ISLANDS GO MORE BETTER NOW I CAN GO BACK and since the economics are fixed it a good time to come back (I quitted before) tomorow

  2. Today I actually do understand it's a little bit of a weird update that came out but so someone quits inside the island when I was playing and I got scammed at that point which it was today and then he said you know what take everything you want he even gave me 10 smelters which is I needed one smelter at least and I was so happy because I could make more he gave me everything he had gold he had a golden Portal he even gave me a lot of the stuff from his own other accounts even on his main like even on his other accounts like you have but he gave me everything he didn't even one single golden block on his I think because his old his all like all of his Islands were just made up out of gold and the other last Island he had was made out of a bunch of berries which I'm pretty like shocked he gave me everything because like when I got scammed for my rarest stuff in game which are secrets they're never going to come back to game which yeah and he also gave me a bunch of keys even the slime Island keys he gave me over 555

  3. "it does not hurt to try again" Yes it does, you don't just delete people's hard-earned progress and expect them to keep playing.

  4. Um I love, how all u dumb@$$ YouTubers think ur so smart. When u fix the game or put something new in game for us, u open the door to another dupe in a different way. So I give the dupers 2 weeks or less it'll be to normal. And everyone will end up getting punished again. Island will last probably another 2 years it'll have maybe 100 players.

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