Many areas nonetheless cannot get the Discovery Plus App on Firestick, however I’ll present you how one can. You could have the selection of putting in the Discovery Plus App on …

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39 thoughts on “How To Get DISCOVERY PLUS On FIRESTICK

  1. It's possible I say Disney Plus in this video, and I mean Discovery Plus. My brain just doesn't function at times and the 2 are very alike. So remember, in this video if you hear Disney Plus I mean Discovery Plus. 🤷‍♂️😂
    Also this is only for Firestick, if you are using a device with the Google Store (such as Nvidia Shield), the official app is available. Yes you can install the mobile version, but then you would need the Mouse Toggle, so using Silk is the best way in my opinion. Have a great evening 😀🍻

  2. Works perfectly thanks! Also could you recommend a TV box under 80 pounds that's Google certified and will play Netflix in 4k please

  3. Hi Adam i wonder in the near future if you could show us how to install the official playstore on the firesticks
    is it possible i know playstore is google and firestick is amazon but is there a way around it
    i will appreciate if you could reply in the near future
    your faithfully subscriber
    GIOVANNI (JOHN) ! 👍🏻

  4. I love your vids, but what does it really mean to "let's crack on? Does it mean lest laugh, let's relax, lets enjoy? What about tadah that you say at the end? Does it mean goodbye or so long? None of the brits I know can answer this for me.

  5. What’s up Mate they call me the RINGER I’m coming at you from the USA in St. Louis, Missouri. I wanted to pass on a new kick ass IPTV that works great for $5 a month. You get everything Mate for 5 big ones only. It’s called Blerd Vision Hosting or BVH. It’s easy also you get a code emailed enter it into Filelinked and your done. Try it out body. I love you’re show now Krack On.

  6. I need help 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I got the Wechip W1 pop it out of the box pressed the on button, but now it’s paired with my fan to come on and off 🤦🏽‍♂️ How do I pair it to the tv? Or is that possible now? Currently it works well otherwise just not the volume and power button. Kicking my self because I got this after watching your video and didn’t think to watch your video on how to set up 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
    1 day ago

  7. It’s on Nvidia Shield TV – I wonder if it can be backed up and installed on Amazon TV!! I did the opposite with Britbox and installed the fire TV version on the Nvidia shield

  8. Never heard of discovery plus so thanks, followed your instructions as usual and it plays like a treat, thanks love keep up the great work x

  9. I’ve just went into the Discovery plus app and it’s sub based? Safe to say I ain’t signing up!! Gutted! Wish you had said that at the start of the clip!!!!

  10. I copied the UK Discovery+ APK from my Chromecast with Google TV to my 3rd gen Firestick. It works perfectly with the remote and VOD stuff works fine, but live TV causes the app to crash. I'll keep trying it as and when new versions of the app are released. Problem is that the CCwGTV is running Android 10 and none of the Firesticks are, so that may be were the compatibility problem is.

  11. Good timing with this viido because I have a question. I can deregister my firestick and setup another account using a vpn to give me access to a different locations content. Can I reregister my existing account and get back my current apps or do have to reinstall everything? I am hoping that because my Amazon account logs all the apps I have in my firestick then t will reinstall them for me once I switch accounts back to my current one.

  12. As a newcomer to Firestick It would be very useful if an Idiots guide was available to assist the likes of myself. I thoroughly enjoy your videos, (but not always your jokes!😂) but most of it goes over my head. A VPN and many other things mean little to me. Would you give some consideration to this so that it could be emailed to your uneducated followers.

  13. Hi I am in the uk and followed your instructions and it doesn't give the free site it wants me to login and subscribe what did i do wrong

  14. The Google play UK mobile version of the app works with it too free tech, if you side load it however you will need either a mouse, mini keyboard or mouse toggle to login and use it. Tested it on a show n hey presto it works

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