How to Get Diamonds Fast in Roblox Islands

Exhibiting you 5 fast methods to get Diamonds and Enchanted Diamonds in Roblox Islands. GOT TIKTOK? SUBSCRIBE …

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39 thoughts on “How to Get Diamonds Fast in Roblox Islands

  1. I’ll play the game but I feel like I don’t want to because every time I try and grind on the game I end up quitting because some thing comes out on another game so it’s like I just quit the game

  2. Bro I one dislike to the update is the boss it's so trash and it's not even hard I hate I like hard bosses it's a cool looking boss bit lacks moves and the rest of the update it looks sick

  3. idea: right, when you spawn in there, is a minibiom for each portal. each portal has its blocks. like… desert could have desert blocks! maybe even wizard could have totems and slime could have smelters! just an idea!

  4. I selled all my diamonds and my enchanted diamonds and I got 10mil coins then I went to another shop and got 5 smelters

  5. 1.Hey dv can I ask you something “this guy is trading me diamond mines shard for my 2 enchanted diamonds I got from kor?his name is TheHammontonRy
    I know that enchanted diamond ore I saw it on my first try but I thought it was glitched now it is edited
    2.comments could you tell me if this is a L. Or W.

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