How to Get Coins FAST in Roblox Islands! XP UPDATE

Roblox Islands XP Replace wiped nearly all of everybody’s cash, objects, and talent ranges made it inconceivable to commerce and get cash till a sure stage. Buying and selling is …

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25 thoughts on “How to Get Coins FAST in Roblox Islands! XP UPDATE

  1. sigh
    My friend quit islands
    copy n paste this not a virus,not a hack,nothing —->

  2. {Youtube here, subscribe to sir skole on youtube:D i heard a bird visper he plats everytime his fans wants him to(and get Pro in it):D}

  3. I had EXTREMELY efficient farm on baked potatoes because they each costed 60 coins but devs probably saw it was too op when I was talking about it on islands group so baked potatoes now cost only 30 or 25 coins which is sad

  4. Dude how does he expect us to get atleast 20 cactus seeds like bruh nobody rn has that much coins and to get one without buying any it takes 2-4 days if u farm straight so like dude-

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