How to Disinfect Leaves for Reptile Habitats!

Consider it or not, a lot of the Leaf Litter that is commercially bought is not disinfected. At present we present you how you can disinfect wild collected leaves so that they’re secure to make use of …

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46 thoughts on “How to Disinfect Leaves for Reptile Habitats!

  1. 🤔 hmm, wondering if you add (in a oven safe bowl) water into the oven with the baking leaves, if that would make them less “krispy”?

  2. I've been waiting for this video for a long time. Definitely useful for when I get my first reptile!
    Question: Why do you always say "Minnesota/Wisconsin"? Do you guys like live on the border or so close to the border that your house is in one state and the facility is in the other?

  3. Finally you made this video! I was waiting for it! I always boiled and dried fagus and quercus leaves for ambystomas and I was never sure… Thank you !

  4. This is off topic but I wanna know the best ways to convince your mom to get you a corn snake. I heard there great starter snakes and my moms scared of reptiles so I wanna try to convince her there not as scary as they look

  5. I always find these details around bioactive setups SO interesting! Still, though…disinfecting leaves…whoda thunk it? 😀

  6. Child: "Mom, can I collect leafs for pets?"
    Mom: "….. …. Sure, honey"
    Hours Later
    Mom: "Honey, what is that?!"
    Child: "Oh, this? My own leaf!"
    Mom: "Why is it moving??? Is that an insect?!"
    Child: "….a leafy insect…see my own leafy!!!"
    Mom: "… …."


  7. I had to rewind to make sure it was a Lonely Island shout out. I threw it on the ground! Happy birthday to the floor! 😆😆😆

  8. So you're telling me people collect leaves, stuff them in bags and sell them for 10 bucks a pop?? This is a business model? Hey kids! Forget lemonade, mommy has a new way to pay for college…

  9. Love this channel, I’ve been watching for a really long time, but this video actually came at the perfect time…I’ve been trying to learn how to disinfect leaf litter for my wedding at the end of the year. I’m going to be collecting and hole punching a TON of leaves into heart shapes for some eco/animal-friendly toss confetti! This is so helpful!!!

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