How to Build an Amazing Island in Roblox Islands in Hours

Strolling you thru what to construct and what to not construct in your Island, tips on how to plan your Island’s format and design, tips on how to make a tower, tips on how to construct huts, …

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42 thoughts on “How to Build an Amazing Island in Roblox Islands in Hours

  1. BRUH i just reset yestaday to make a islands i mean like islands style but u made my brain cry i dont know to reset or still work on it

  2. DV actually made a video that can help out new builders, which is great
    but who seriously builds their place without a plan…

    anyway hope this makes it so more people actually play the game in the best way you can play it-building (imo)
    wonder if he will make a future video just going around looking at peoples builds and stuff
    (i just want my spaceship to be noticed)

  3. Dv can I use normal glass and put blue color lights under it for the water and mix in some blue glass and the coral stuff?

  4. I can’t really do all this because I have factories on my first level and I don’t want to reset/move my island what do I do?

  5. Maybe the game should add an end game boss. U dont get the key from the skorp island but you craft it with all the keys ,all the firefly(exept purple),all slime balls (exept frost), 100 empty potion bottles and all skorp scale.

  6. Hi Dv I rlly hope u loot at my comment:I figured out that one smelter can be enough for four steel mills!This might be really helpful for you when you do a series so please read this!

  7. I envented a cool bridge and if U, Dv want too see it u can just msg me on discord my user is LuciaCat100 on discord and roblox and I am in ur discord server!

  8. WOW DV your the Best i wanted this video from sooo sooo long time TYSM!!!!!!!!!! DV
    Hope i can play with u some day
    USername: Legend_AB97

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