How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Roblox Islands

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34 thoughts on “How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Roblox Islands

  1. I once got scammed by two of my friends and lost my industrial smelter, stonecutter, sawmill, food processor, oven, and washing station. But another of my friends gave me a food processor and since I already built another oven, now I have a INFINITE GAMER BREAD FARM!!!!

  2. This is how I try not to get scammed someone said he put in cheast then I gave him perms then he tried to steal but I took perms to see XD

  3. I had 2 smelters and 1 guy told I will give 10 washing for 2 smelter I invited him to island builded on him and he tooled mine smelters 🙁 but from now I will follow dv . He is so good…

  4. i arl scammed but i only scammed when i was newer to the game, now i never scam, and regreted scamming pepole, i only scammed 1 person tho

  5. I only scammed once when some person was doing a drop trade with someone else and i picked up the smelter and left the game lololololol

  6. I once met a guy who wanted to build something for me so i turned his build on and he stole some of my carrots and i quickly turned off his build acces (this was from a couple of months)

  7. A long time ago before my island reset this dude offered me “starfruit seed” for my smelter. I knew this dude was just gonna give me wheat seeds so I gave him an indus oven.

  8. My friend buys seeds and then gives then to people. They come to her island later and give her stuff. Then she gives it to me. It’s risky but it works

  9. i was once being kind to this noob by giving them iron pick and my only smelter industrial and it turns out they wernt noob and they gave me my first drill and other industrial stuff and now im actually decent at the game and now im frends with them

  10. How not to get scamed: If your on pc then you need to switch to mobile then travel to the guy's house, buy a AWP sniper on the way, once you reach his house keep him on gunpoint and do the trade

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