How this New York island became a mass grave

And why Hart Island is altering after the coronavirus pandemic. Subscribe and activate notifications ( ) so you do not miss any movies: Hart …

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32 thoughts on “How this New York island became a mass grave

  1. 2020 was all about survival with many achievements not met but you have to be ready for 2021 and it begins right now by making a move to achieve your goals…If you have been saving and it’s not really getting you to were you want to be, then invest that money today for a better life tomorrow. If you can’t fly, run, if you can’t run walk, if you can’t walk crawl but just try and move to achieving your goals..

  2. If the island and the city were short of space why not choose cremation over burial? Like the The Green-Wood Cemetery

  3. This video also brings up another issue: why is it that you have to be related to the person you designate as your next of kin? In the case of Roderick Paulus, he designated a friend as his next of kin and she has no legal rights to claim his body or execute his wishes or death plan. How is that just? A lot of people are cut off or estranged from their families, so they should be able to designate whoever they wish as their next of kin.

  4. So this is just info,
    No problems to solve?
    I guess she should be able to buy a memorial for her friend… can she not??

  5. I understand how this hurts people who want to see loved ones…but someday we will run out of space…we need to consider cremation or the alkaline hydrolysis (disintegrate you into base element liquid)….the island can’t hold everyone and NYC huge millions of people on it ….

  6. I think it's still too early to be making memorial for covid-19 victims. Only when we finally have control over it should it be erected as a symbol of remembrance and love for those that have fallen, for victory of those who are still standing and did the right thing and of shame for those who chose not to do anything.

  7. As much as death is a taboo topic for many, I force myself to watch these kind of videos.. Because at the end of the day, death is a necessary part of life..

  8. Very interesting video! I figured it would be logistically easier to cremate, and personally don't think burial is sustainable. I think a memorial for this tragedy is appropriate, will help those affected heal, and bring closure to this pandemic.

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