How the Civilization On Easter Island Collapsed

Easter Island is a Chilean island positioned within the southeastern Pacific Ocean. It is most generally recognized for the unimaginable stone statues – known as moai – that have been …

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46 thoughts on “How the Civilization On Easter Island Collapsed

  1. Can you guys please make a crew neck sweatshirt version for "I survived 2020" shirt? It is great and I would totally wear it everyday. I love every video on this channel!

  2. In my anthropology classes we learned that the collapse was due to the inhabitants eating the palm trees seeds or whatever they are called. I can’t remember exactly as this was in like 2013. But basically there was a part of the tree that in order to eat, they had to cut down the entire tree. So they overate their resources.

  3. The statues are incredibly ancient. Created by the Ancient Giants the Nephilhim. After the flood, and note the end of the last Ice Age rose sea levels 300 meters, the smaller people worshipped them.

  4. It sounds like a combination of all of those factors, but taking place over the course of at least a couple centuries, with European colonization at the end. Without anyone left to give a clear perspective, we're left wondering.

  5. Even though scientists may disagree about the causes of this civilization decline (if there was actually a decline to start with), one thing is clear to me: Europeans arrived to the island in the 18th century and enslaved Rapa Nui as they did with natives in South America and Africa. Not only that, but they also brought diseases and surely took advantage of the remaining natural ressources. The western bias in some of these history videos is unbelievable. Saying things like "When European discovered the island" (as it hadn't been there before) or prehistoric civilization (because according to Europeans, history started with them) or even Captain James Cook reporting the Rapa Nui were living in poverty… Like, why do you assume they wanted the clothes and goods brought by foreigners? Europeans have devastated countless cultures throughout history and people still believe their "civilization" is the Gold Standard. Outrageous is what it is.

  6. Can you please do one on Indigenous Australians? Too many people don't know the true history…and believe the indigenous should just "get over it" because "it's in the past"

  7. Rapa Nui is a culture that is still alive to this day. I have visited the Island, and the natives there pay so much attention to their culture, their sacred beliefs, their ancestors. Every Chilean knows about rapa nui and their culture

  8. You should do a video about hitler who spent his final days in his bunker until he committed suicide in 1945

  9. I've watched many documentaries about Easter Island. I've read the history and I've seen a Moai up-close at the British Museum, which also has the bird cult info on the back. In just under 11 minutes, you've wrapped up all the known evidence into a comprehensive and interesting little package. I'm impressed 🙂

  10. Of course it isn't impossible to create and position those large heads even with smaller number of people. If there is a will, there's always a way. Just use the brain and anyone could do it. Although in ancient times it is really hard without the support of modern technology😁😁😁

  11. Would lack of genetic diversity and in-breeding be a factor? We have a bit of that with the Amish and there are more of them.

  12. Man, come to think of it, the slash and burn technique is the same used in the amazone forest….. I have a very bad feeling about this

  13. @Weird History

    great video, maybe you can make a video about the golden age of the Netherlands. as a Dutchman myself I am always curious about the achievements of my country (and also her black pages) x)

  14. Please do one on Lemuria (Kumari Kandam)… It's amazing, the integrity of language that's spoken even today in South Asia has survived everything from the Aryan invasion to the whole landmass submerging

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