How Star Trek Discovery Ship Is Bigger on the Inside Than Outside – Explained in Enterprise 2×16

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28 thoughts on “How Star Trek Discovery Ship Is Bigger on the Inside Than Outside – Explained in Enterprise 2×16

  1. Trip would probably find earth deserted. The human genome is deteriorating with each successive generation. A hundred or so genetic mutations(mistakes)are constantly being passed on to the next and the next generation, which will cause more and more diseases until eventually humanity will be so disease ridden the race couldn't possibly continue. So don't make any plans beyond 2238.

  2. In the TOS, the lights actually show the direction and speed of the turbolift as it goes around the ship, this is just ridiculous.

  3. It's a complete slap in the face for intelligence. The interior was so big you could have fitted the exterior of Discovery inside it…duh!

  4. For a moment I thought you were making a video defending Discovery, then I got to the end. I have no problem with the internal size itself. Makes sense that would be part of the refit too; install a bunch of knock off future TARDIS tech so that so that the ship that has just become your most strategic asset can adapt to whatever mission it comes across. I'm not saying the sequence is without its problems (i.e. the fact that hollow space is full of air so if there's a hull breach you just lost half the air and components in your ship, and the artificial gravity in an environment that is more dangerous with gravity than without) but unless you've never watched or even heard anything about Doctor Who then it should be pretty obvious what's going on inside the bowels of Discovery.

  5. I really enjoyed the first half of this video with intriguing and entertaining plots, but then this annoying action movie crap came up in the second half that made no sense, and I agreed with the Bajoran at the end.

  6. the inside was strangely large, very large. the warp core scrapping the sides of the tube, yes stupid…I did like the mention of the Voyager ship being brought into he fight… must be very old by now

  7. Except that Discovery is taking place before the original Trek series, so no way they could have technology from 1000 years in the future. Discovery is a joke.

  8. Seeing Discovery's turbolift…space? Really puts into perspective that scene where Picard has to climb up the turbolift shaft. I mean the Enterprise D was really stingy on space…I doubt Discovery will ever be able to do a classic 'trapped in the turbolift' episode now!

  9. If they acknowledged it, as a connection to ENT it would have been cool, but they did the same thing with the Enterprise interior season 2 of DIS. It’s definitely because they feel like it, not because of homage, world building, or logic.

  10. That lifts scene felt more like a video game. The flying through rings concept is a common feature in games such as Batman Arkham City, Harry Potter, etc.

  11. You do realize this doesn’t explain anything. Right? Only one major problem. The massive, expansive Turbolift caverns were seen in season 1 and 2 of Discovery (pre-TOS) and even showed to exist in Pikes (pre-TOS) Enterprise. So sadly this is NOT an explanation for a post refit Discovery with future tech. Sorry.

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