How Russia's TikTok generation are poised to take on Putin

Supporters of Russia’s opposition chief Alexey Navalny gear up for extra protests because the nation’s youth develop extra empowered to talk up towards President …

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35 thoughts on “How Russia's TikTok generation are poised to take on Putin

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  2. Oh my god the guy speaks so perfect English, and gives interview 😕 why don’t you ask any real Russian, rest of it some if videos are taken much earlier not 23 January

  3. This is theater. The guy is clearly a western backed agitator that is trying to overthrow putin and establish a puppet state. Feel free to respond. I know people like you don't have the balls to respond after the shady election in America

  4. If you were here, you would smell the revolution in the air, in a past few years. Most of the russian people wait for changes. They just afraid to show it, coz they know, how easy it would be for government to punish people for their opinions. Well now it looks like people tired of fear. Slowly get out of a patient. Young people who have more courage, became more noticeable. And of course we have people who support Putin. Who feel ok with his actions, coz they've been fooled by TV. But they are not so many. Most of them is elderly people, who lived in Soviet Union propaganda, cold war etc.. They think that they're in dangerous, like there are enemies everywhere, like if western countries hate them and trying to destroy them. And then Putin tells them, that he will protect the country and they fall for his promises. That's why they support this monster. And also there's so many trolls (kremlibots) in comments, who work for government and paid for make it look, like Putin have a lot of support. Believe me, he's not. Russian people are not what you think about them. Especially new generations. Russia could be such a different country if it's not Putin, his army and propaganda. And I hope we will see that day, when Russia become safe and peaceful. And all these young people wouldn't have to immigrate out of this regime, like thousands of people already did, people who gave up and lost their faith in the country.

  5. It's not only young generation out there. Protests against Putin's regime are having place in Russia in a past 10 years. Propaganda on russian TV, tries to say, that there's only silly kids, who have no idea what they want. Yes, we have teenagers on the streets too, but they are not majority. Most of the protesters are grown-up people. Idk why this channel repeat after our propaganda and talking about tik-tok generation. Here, in Russia, our government use it to say that opposition leaders throwing these kid's on the police. That's it.

  6. The government right under The Russian President has to rise against him in order to over throw him. With the protesters they will win.

  7. I think it's normal situation for any countries today. Look at UK, French and another. It will be OK with Russia and Putin.

  8. Putina been president or prime minister for 25 years and before that he was a Mayor of a city he got over 30 years in political that Putina have been stealing for himself and his allies and it five palace and mega mansion around the world home that Putina have ? some place even the staff not allow to see him or meet him.

  9. Russians are standing up Amazing! Every scary situation seems impossible at first but the best thing to do is step forward together with the courage and knowing that justice will prevail. The United States dealt with that with the Boston tea party. Google it, non-governed mistreated people went against Great Britain and stood together and threw that taxed tea out the boat. They had a lot of laws going against them heck we didn’t even have a government. It was the start of the United States of America.

  10. America and it's people should worry about their own mess of a country, you have no right to criticize others with the state that your shithole country is in.
    As if American politics is not deeply embedded in corruption, you have a country that is run by the wealthy billionaires and Israelis that have lobbyists in every corner.

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  12. Those people have had it. They’re sick of being oppressed and not having the same opportunities us westerners often take for granted. They’re in for an awfully rough battle though if they’re seriously going to oppose the kremlin.

  13. Russia better pull out the military if need be, russia is a strong contestant in the way of the satanic goverments and evil pleasures that they seek. We definatly don't need to throw off the balance of power! My advice is do what China did and cut internet communications with the west, isolated people are not influenced.

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  15. Putin need to stay forever. Don't fall for fake democracy Russia. Putin done a lot for his country he is the only world leader makes sense gets the job done, in mean while in Washington different leaders same policies.

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