How others left the White House after losing – BBC News

Donald Trump is becoming a member of a small group of US presidents who’ve misplaced the election whereas within the White Home. The final time this occurred was in 1992, when …

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23 thoughts on “How others left the White House after losing – BBC News

  1. Oh I just can’t wait for everything to shutdown because of Joe Biden. I can’t wait to use my hard earned money to pay for people who riot and beat people to death to go to college for free. Oh boy the democrats are so amazing

  2. Trump didn't lose, and Biden didn't win, this is a contested election and no winner has yet been certified. We now have factual evidence that Biden's vote came from rigged computer software and fake ballots, so we decided he lost. Who are we? We are 100 million armed citizens that are planning a march on Jan 20, 2021. If the courts let this election be stolen from us, we're simply going to take it back. " Well you're just a sore loser" You dam right I am.

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  4. BBC is just out of touch with reality…the reality is news organizations do not call elections…this election being contested because of massive evidence of voter fraud. I know you do not like the ttuth, and that is why you are fake news, just like the main stream media of America.

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  6. I am an American. I really appreciate you posting these videos BBC. It gives me hope, and shows other countries are seeing what he’s trying to do. History will not look kindly on him or the Americans who followed him. God bless you.

  7. I can see Melania being the only one to greet Biden to the White House on inauguration day. The big crybaby will probably retreat to Florida like a snowflake

  8. LOL other people have manners and those people were raised to respect tradition and respect the office! Trump has given everything at Birth except those things.

  9. Truman did exactly what trump is doing now and won his presidency due to going through the courts, and any USA president is allowed his time in court to check election results for fraud 🗳

  10. BBC is lying. How can Trump have lost if The Electoral College hasn’t even formed yet?

    Why did BBC not cover yesterday’s reveal of massive election fraud evidence?

    How did Hillary get more votes than Biden everywhere in the USA, except 4 cities, and yet Biden has more votes than anyone in history?

    How can Biden have more votes than anyone in history and yet loses seats in the house AND senate? The chances are 52 Million to 1.

    All those who cling to the dream that this old, white male scored more votes from progressives than Obama ever did, is living in a dream.

    Media is lying about this election, Trump could very well win when the legal action plays out.

    We know there is legal action, so why are BBC telling us who is leaving? Does that make sense?? BBC liars.

  11. Good old BBC. Full of snowflakey hypocrites and liars all queuing up to take your eye away from the elephant in the room. The former home of Jimmy Savile and many like him.

  12. Dominion backs out of court hearing. Wayne County officials retract their certification of election results after claims of threats from Democrats. Chairman of Smartmatic software works for Biden. All simple facts, all worthy of reporting

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