How Much I Can Make in 1 Hour on My Island in Roblox Islands

See how a lot I could make on my Island in an hour of grinding! SUBSCRIBE TO DV P2W CHANNEL HERE!

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49 thoughts on “How Much I Can Make in 1 Hour on My Island in Roblox Islands

  1. Hey Dv do you think you can help me out I really need onion because I’m trying to get to economy level 60 but it take to long I’m in your discord server my name is s.c.r.a.p

  2. can you make a vid on how to get smelter fast Beacause I can olny have a hour a day and I need a smelter to contine my grinds thogh I do have one pink sticky wile I was trying to get a blue sticky

  3. Can u show me how to get to pro quick because i lost my progres like my island was destroy and i was a pro but i have nothing now😭😭😭

  4. DV: 'idk how people get bored at this game'

    me: I used to play a lot- but since I got Minecraft well I prefer Minecraft… and well get bored in Islands-

  5. Their board because they don't wanna friend I started after the xp update and got lots of smelters I also took no stuff from people

  6. Hai dv can you say to owner of island in discord fix the problem i reseted my island and all my items are gone 🙁 pls fix it i all want to get back my items plzzzz

  7. I just want to say, pleaseee do not reset your island in sky block because it will delete ur inventory, money and levels, this hapend to me and I really regret it 😖

  8. dv can u make a tutorial on pullover macros im quite counfused with it and a guide on it would be quite appreciated

  9. Thank you so much for your videos and your trading discord channel I use it all the time. I made a smaller version of your onion farm and spent a good bit of time looking at the ratio of why it runs out of onions, i could be wrong but I made mine with a extra row that allowed totems to continually harvest. 3 rows then totems with 2 on the other side that way I was able to keep getting 6 onions every 3 minutes unfortunately this would crash my game consistently after about an hour of harvesting. I have not found out why the game can not handle that much input. Do not change anything about your videos and creations I hope you get millions of subs.

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