How Donald Trump spent his last days as president

Trump spent his final days in workplace searching for methods to problem the end result of the election, culminating in a riot on the Capitol and an unprecedented second …

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40 thoughts on “How Donald Trump spent his last days as president

  1. I swear even if he would've gotten a second term , he would've sued the government and tried to change the law into giving him a third term… this man is an idiot..

  2. I’m a 311 agent, I used to work in insurance. Listen, I am not a Caucasian male. I’m a brown male (you do not need to know exactly where) every one of trumps move with executive orders I knew this man was SERIOUS!. The democrats especially in NYC want to take away the rights our forefathers gave us! We cannot let this happen, okay Biden got nominated sure great. However, after 2-4 years we need to HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERYTHING HE SAYS HES GOING TO DO. JOE BIDEN, WHERE WHERE YOU IN MARCH 2020, when doctors where calling 311 for supplies BEGGING HUH? At least Trump has buildings named after him, has a lot of capital (use to be a business man which moved millions ) I see his perspective. However, I wish Joe Biden good luck because he will need it. Anyone think Biden is a coward ?

  3. ABC, is this your Trump swan song? Is this your final attack? Don't answer because to the rest of us will know it is a lie. Ever since he ran for office MSM has been dogging him. Your behavior, your treatment, unfair and biased as it is, is that which demanded like treatment in response. Congratulations! You all are transparently biased, hate Trump, and anyone with half a brain can plainly see that. As much as you wished to demonize and continue to attack it has shown us all the character of yourselves and the networks you work for. Gladly there are choices in the market place that allow those seeking the truth to find additional opinion and actual news so that we can be sure of the truth and not someone's biased narrative. It will be interesting what history will say about this in the distant future. I did not vote for Trump in 2016, I did in 2020 based upon policy, not because he is a swell man who plays by my rules.

  4. Compare the Republicans at the capitol to the democrats at Black Lives Matter protests….

    Black Lives Matter was worst people also trump said to peacefully go to the capitol people were shooting police not police shooting peopel. Common sense peeps common sense

  5. …I oppose impeachment of Trump. He did and said nothing wrong. Pelosi is blameshifting and should be investigated by all regulatory authorities.

  6. The left was oh-so-upset about a sexual comment Trump said 16 years ago WHILE playing a role on T.V….

    ….and then voted the real life Herbert the Pervert for president!

  7. They tried to set me up for my organs They tried to do it to me it’s the cia dod nasa police dapartment the morgue they Clare your a terrorist or a childmolester to keep you under watch at your home job exc and run a gang stalking program but I drink smoked exc even if my organs are bout to fail I just want to say something before I die the news in on it and the military my name is Marie in your naborhood no about it to sad thing is half of my body work even the hospitals in on it plus they traffic you in steal your identity and get you kid napped

    Miami Florida the all seeing eye y’all working with funeral homes forced kill force organs

  8. I am Mark Suck errr bore
    I am FB owner

    I am ugly, traitor, narcissistic, and insecure.

    I only stay behind Facebook and keep suspending or blocking people’s account for not even violating the community.

    I am the only billionaire who can’t even get a beautiful hot wife. I am sleepy joe’s lover.

  9. At last – America!
    Trump never acted as any previous leader , unless your an egg, the journey has been unbelievable , only someone trying to destroy democracy could have done more, so the question is just which government and nation trying to topple America , for he throughout his term acted as if a agent for either China or Russia, with links established for Russia more than China, was he reading ' My Struggle ' for he also appeared to be as delusional and beyond redemption, For even if you think what was America is the devils' own and Great Satan – Alternative ?

  10. Final days alright. There are more Trump days ahead, I hope. It will take some time for my Trump derangement syndrome to abate.

  11. There is a scripture in Galatians that says, "You will reap what you sow". Well, Donald, things are going to get very, very bad for you.

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