How Conservative Media is Covering Biden

Fox Information: Joe Biden is weak and boring, but additionally he hates you and goes to divide the nation… and try to be terrified of Antifa invading your own home.

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49 thoughts on “How Conservative Media is Covering Biden

  1. I also like that Tucker Carlson works so hard to look like a reporter from the 80s but doesn’t actually put any reporting into his work.

  2. I still don’t understand why people attacked the capital instead of the Fox News station, in what world does that make sense?

  3. Never forget, the LEFT is cringe king forever. You poeple will go down in history as the most cringeworthy of all times.

  4. Fox News is horrible. They are part of the cause of the division in the US. Don't blame Biden. I would love to see one of these idiots running the country. Oh wait we already did, and look how that turned out!

  5. Isn't is sad that all conservatives know how to do is whine, complain and never have any ideas on how to improve our country? If conservatives had heir way, we'd all be living in a world as if it were the 1940s

  6. CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and Washington post criticized and hated on our guy for four long years. It's our turn

  7. What’s wrong with just doing the right thing? They could unify everyone by simply acknowledging the good he is trying to bring. Instead, more hate

  8. News reporting has turned into opinion reporting. Like shut up and just report what happened and what was said. Don’t tell me what you think. I don’t care what you think. Allow me the option to think for myself.

  9. Conservatives are so desperate to try and get something bad on Biden. So they are pulling the classic conservative move and over reacting and lying.
    Typical Republicans

  10. “What do you do, about a story, about a president and his family, now that the president is actually the president?”
    Dude. What

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