How 2021 was celebrated around the world – BBC News

Nations around the globe have welcomed 2021 with fireworks, however crowds have been solely allowed at some shows. Strict lockdown and border closures in New …

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36 thoughts on “How 2021 was celebrated around the world – BBC News

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    U should be sitting at home during lockdown ….,you are superspreaders like stupid Trump voters :-))

  3. China is a country that ostensibly follows you but betrays you on the other side. I wonder if the fact that the coronaviruses that China has modified and created are less effective against Asians is a small defiance of its master, the Deep State.

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  7. BBC News are so obsessed by Paris, that they put the Eiffel Tower in the thumbnail and in the video, despite the fact that the fireworks was at the Palace of Versailles this year (and it was more spectacular and beautiful than the one in London).

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