House to vote on removal of newly elected congresswoman from committee roles | WNT

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has a document of selling a collection of outlandish racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Home Democrats wish to vote to …

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27 thoughts on “House to vote on removal of newly elected congresswoman from committee roles | WNT

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  4. What a waste of time! So what if she was into Qanon! It's a free country, and her believing in conspiracies isn't going to dictate how she represents her constituents. China and Covid I think are a little more deserving of our time than Greene is.

  5. What about Waters, Harris, Tlaib, Omar, Bush, and many others who have called for violence, and destruction of property. Assault on law enforcement. Anarchy. They have called for all of these things time after time. While cities were being burnt down. Businesses looted. Court houses burned. Law enforcement killed.

  6. Get the Democrat gang of eight out of office , charge with treason and let this country move on. Enough is enough FBI CIA do your job.

  7. The media and most politicians are pathetic. they've been lying for so long they don't know what is truth. The govt, media and wall street is corrupt and don't care to recognize it, they've all sold their soul to the dollar. F u assholes. I hope I'm able to make a stand when it all hits a wall as I really have a lot of anger to blow off.

  8. Remember she lied and bragged to her fellow Q’anon conspirators how she was scamming them and raising money hand over fist and that she will never back down or apologize.. well she ate her own words today… she just got banned from the education committee !!!… she can stay the floor member that is and if she messes up again she will be forever removed from congress for life 🤣😂

  9. These self righteous idiots, when those antisemitism statements with muslim when nothing did nothing, but this there jumping to take her down. There righteousness is nothing but fifthy rags. Total hypocrites.

  10. Why her why not pelosi Schumer Schiff Nadler all the traitors that spent all that tax payer money that first and second impeachmnet…

  11. Its time for the Republican Party to return to its roots as the party of the College Educated Professional.
    So, we have to kick the religious fanatics and tea party loonies out.
    If that means we take a short term hit, we take a short term hit.

  12. Praying that Jesus Christ the God that Joe Biden worships every Sunday will do the will of Jesus Christ. They say we're two or three are gathered in His name Jesus and if you ask anything it will be granted please join me in my prayer

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