House impeachment managers show explicit video of assault on the U.S. Capitol

Because the second impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump obtained underway, the lead Home impeachment supervisor, Rep. Jamie Raskin, introduced a …

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42 thoughts on “House impeachment managers show explicit video of assault on the U.S. Capitol

  1. Hahahaha, seconds into their video and they already quickly edited Trumps words. Trump said,”we are going to the capital AND CHEER!” Cheer. Cheer. He said to cheer. And repeatedly tweeting be peaceful and we are the party of law and order.

    This is such manipulated video by cowardly politicians who don’t want do their job and pass legislation and get a COVID relief package done. Imagine trying remove a former president out of office when he’s not even there instead of getting financial relief to businesses and people who are currently and have been suffering. This impeachment is a joke….and no I did not nor have I ever voted for Trump.

  2. It’s not about Trump anymore, it’s about the fact than more than half of America finally realized how corrupt this country is. And the corrupt in power, so desperately, are using even the most ridiculous strategies to try to distract people from what is very obvious now.

  3. They’re using this “insurrection” ridiculousness to distract from the fact that they stole this election and that Trump has more supporters than ever before.

  4. This is not strong enough evidence. They cut off part of that clip to make it seem like President Trump incited violence, right when he said "We're going to walk down to the Capitol", and the video cuts to another clip very quickly. Never trust any video clip that doesn't tell the entire story.

  5. I feel like calling them a "mob" and "insurgents" is just propaganda for propaganda's sake. If what they did was wrong, the video shouldn't need to use emotive labels like that.

  6. They’re now talking a date in early March, based on both the Sovereign Citizens Movement assertion that we haven’t had a real president since 1933, the year the gold standard ceased to be employed and the date presidents were sworn in before that year. I’m sure the FBI and Homeland Security is aware of this and prepared for another insurrection. Umm, I hope.

  7. All this and republicans are still afraid of Trump and his so called supporters. Companies should stop supporting senators who don't vote to impeach.

  8. Since when is the constitutionality of an issue determined by popular vote in the senate, a legislative body? Seems to me one could take to the supreme court for a ruling on the constitutionality of the vote in the senate yesterday to determine whether it's constitutional for the senate to try an impeachment of a former president.

    The democrats are turning our whole government system upside down and inside out. Why do they want to stack the supreme court if they can decide constitutionality by vote in the senate? Oh, it's because they want the supreme court to legislate while the senate determines what's constitutional by vote in the senate. And the democrates in the senate want to take a judicial role now and want to be accuser, prosecutor and judge in an impeachment trial of a private citizen. And, apparently the executive branch has no role at all when they've put a brain dead old man in the oval office who's wife has to speak for him.

  9. It is a shame and disgrace to attempt to impeach President Trump and falsely place a Chinese sell out like Biden in office. But to add salt to the wound, we the American taxpayers are forced to pay the bill for this dog and pony show for the ego of the elite and for them to gloat over.

  10. They showed an edited, pieced together version that they paid for. Democrats like DRAMA and LIES. Everything they pieced together still isn't as bad as what we watched Antifa and BLM do for a whole year. With the help and consent of Democrats, of course. They even paid to bail them out of jail so they could do it some more.

  11. There can be NO political survivors from those traitors: from those who participated AND from those who still remain silent and who are not throwing their weight behind impeaching trump and imprisoning all participants and enablers of the January 6 Capitol insurrection.
      Afraid now? You'd BETTER get a spine before this rogue party — that once used to be respected Republicans — becomes more organized, allowing their supporters to steal a nuke, the country, or your children's minds.

  12. Democrats just love grandstanding. They're on a world stage for all the world to see. What pathetic ads holes. Will someone STOP this stupid stage show

  13. This happened before Trump was finished speaking and was planned for weeks. IDGAF what you say about trump, but he didn't support a violent "insurrection". It's impossible to say otherwise when he specifically says to be peaceful and have your voices heard. On video…don't have to take my word for it

  14. This is the biggest piece of propaganda! I watched Trump's speech, they have edited it and taken it out of order and left out where he said "peaceful" intentionally.

  15. The Senate should hold a blind vote if Republicans are so scared of their constituents that they still won't vote for convicting Trump. Let them cast their votes in secret if they're too cowardly to defend their oaths to support the Constitution. Otherwise this will just get worse, and future elections will see even more violence.

  16. Breaking into a building and shouting: "No drumpf, no peace!" Is like screaming angrily at someone that you're not angry.

  17. Trump Loves Them…. But Trump & These Terrorists Hate American Democracy⁉️ Senate Republicans Still Defend What We Are Witnessing with This Nightmare In Our Country Here & Past 4 years …Like This is No Big Deal⁉️ LOCK THEM ALL UP ASAP‼️

  18. The video is proof of Trumps attempted coup. He must be convicted. If Trump is convicted the 194 rioters charged would be able to truthfully claim they were doing what the president told them to do.They are still responsible for their actions but truth would be told across the board. If he is not convicted senate would say they are all lying

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