Honest Trailers – Kong: Skull Island w/ Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Take pleasure in an Trustworthy Trailer so Trustworthy that we’re not even essentially the most Trustworthy ones in it – Kong: Cranium Island Particular due to Jordan Vogt-Roberts Try the …

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40 thoughts on “Honest Trailers – Kong: Skull Island w/ Jordan Vogt-Roberts

  1. Look I’d loved the line (Time to show Kong that man is king) but they didn’t even call him King Kong in the movie!

  2. I was considering a like for that decent Samuel L Jackson impersonation for a white dude but then y’all said Kong Ka-Kong Kong Kong! 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  3. "Benetom Hiddlebender" Man, I don't care what it's about, if you show me a movie with those 3 names at the top of the cast, I'm front row center on opening night (I don't care if the theater's closed. I'll find a way.)

  4. I like that the director is willing to brutally criticize his own work.

    Good to see that not all directors are egotistic people who can't take criticism.

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