'Holy Cow!' Tempers Flare During Q&A Session of Trump's Impeachment Trial

Tempers are flaring on the Senate ground, the place senators are submitting written inquiries to the prosecution and the protection within the impeachment trial of former …

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32 thoughts on “'Holy Cow!' Tempers Flare During Q&A Session of Trump's Impeachment Trial

  1. If he's not guilty he's not guilty. If he's guilty then so are all the dems who were shown saying things that in actuality incited violence more than what Trump said

  2. Where is your proof the President said what you say he did????? You don't have any. Just your own lies. Check out Utube videos of Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Cortez, Kamala, and other Leberal Democraps insighting violence. Its on video.

  3. Dems keeping digging a hole. The whole country falling apart and all they want to do is impeachments. Absolute joke. Minorities will be worse off with these crooks. The reps were not greats and im not a fan of Trump but the Dems are vile.

  4. Trump didn't say anything that would be considered incitement. Matter of fact, I am willing to bet that those "Trump supporters" weren't even actual Trump supporters.. They appeared to be but in reality they were instructed by the dems to dawn Trump apparel and flags and perceptions is reality. Of course at a glance they looked the part, but I strongly believe that true supporters of President Trump would never act like an unruly mob… you know who would? dems out to take down Trump. They would definitely go to such a length and beyond if they felt it was necessary. We would never lower our standards and act like a bunch of lawless animals like them

  5. Ya! The dems didn't have a chance they knew they had nothing as evidence so they attempted to put forth falsified evidence and they even admitted it.

  6. Joe Biden admitted “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive Voter Fraud organisation in the history of American politics”

  7. This defense lawyer is good, he is very comfortable lying in straight face. Criminal world you know whom to call to defend you.

  8. Hahahahaha teach these idiots about Law hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Their question is like their brains. They asked silly questions yet!

  9. this country is so far gone. We are way too divided, people in the comments don't even know who they're agreeing with because both sides consider the other criminal. This is such a shitshow. How has this happened? It feels so hopeless.

  10. meanwhile cuomo is lying about the deaths of thousands of senior citizens he caused by putting covid patients in nursing homes. nice. what a good use of our taxes.

  11. This impeachment circus just show exactly what we knew!! Democrats are liars, and are desperate, and obsessed with President TRUMP!!

  12. These stupid House managers can't make a case. It's all about accusations and opionions without evidence or actual facts. They came up with edited video snipping the import parts of the speech in order to smear Trump. This is so CNN, ABC, and NBC like. Did these media group edit it for them? Trumps lawyer saw it coming and man did they crush the House managers! On top of that these moron House managers took and edited old text thinking no one would see the dates? Wow…such children like they are coming into Congress floor and showing false evidence? These clowns should be removed from whatever seat they hold. They do not belong in Congress! I'm so happy Trumps lawyers exposed them for what crap and BS they really are! TRUMP 2024!

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