Himanta Biswa Sarma has good news for Assam Govt employees

ৰাজ্যিক কৰ্মচাৰীৰ বাবে সুখবৰ । ৬টা নতুন গ্ৰেড পে’ সৃষ্টি কৰিছে চৰকাৰে। এই ঘোষণা মন্ত্ৰী ডঃ হিমন্ত বিশ্ব শৰ্মাৰ। অসম চাহ নিগমকো চৰকাৰে মুকলি কৰি দিলে ৯৯ কোটি টকা।

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50 thoughts on “Himanta Biswa Sarma has good news for Assam Govt employees

  1. Please access the service quality of Government Employees, most of them comes at 11am and go by 5pm. Most horrifying working culture adopted by them, nobody has accountability and responsibility but yet they are entitled for the fringes and benefits.
    Hope instead of appeasing their greed this government will work for the betterment.

  2. Sir. Aaji 2 years agot High court a order kora polic r poisa keita hole dibo poisa nai bajetot.
    Belegok dib thike pare.
    Kin2 dine rati polic kita ke lage apunalokok.
    Sihotr pine kin2 sabo somy nai.

  3. Honorable finance minister of Assam, Sir when you will sent the order the trainer -graduate (8700/-)teachers pending (balance) rupees, please sent your order to all treasury officers and to district inspectors office please

  4. Coment dile hwa2 hwa boli kb lage…aji para 10 yers agt health t ki dhurr absta asil…kam ni aru ..ji ketia bea pai sihatar nisina manuh thakile assam aru dhubib…

  5. Oh 2019 ahile2 atiya gao ariyar sadharn manuh khinik burbok bonai 2019t vot lowar sorojontro..ha kokai..bonabi 20 khon aru newst saikhikhone bare bare votr agot dekhuwabi amak… kela votr karne ahibi amar gaot sandelr kob khabi…

  6. Why media publish the fake news ., and talk about investing crores for growth Assam ,, if government done there job then news live should make that news not before that

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