Highly contagious UK COVID-19 variant could be more deadly | WNT

British well being officers stated that early proof suggests the variant may very well be 30% deadlier however are nonetheless investigating. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ‘WORLD …

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27 thoughts on “Highly contagious UK COVID-19 variant could be more deadly | WNT

  1. Folks, you need to bear in mind that, when they say "health experts" or COVID-19 advisors, that doesn't necessarily mean "doctors". These are people in political cabinet positions who therefore must tell President Fondle-Fondle what he wants to hear. It is no different from the people who told President Dump what HE wanted to hear. When a guy with the letters "M.D." and "I.D." (Infectious Disease specialist) or ILI (Internal Medicine, Clinical & Lab Immunology) or I.M. (Internal Medicine) says things about COVID, THEN it counts. Otherwise it's nothing but politicians and media whores (like the one seen above) whose livelihood has been made to absolutely DEPEND on you being panicky and dependent. Disregard EVERYTHING that is not said by an actual, practicing physician.

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  3. We all know all these governments using new viruses to de-populate the world, so they can protect their economy & resources. I knew it, and I feel some-type of war will going happen in the 2020s like back in the 2000s United States use terrorism, and now a biological warfare! Protect your family! Something shady is going on.

  4. I'm from uk …I'm black and they useing excuse of this to target darkskin community with vaccines..lol

    Black people destiny always in white male authorities hands

  5. They have to keep the lie going so you believe it . It worked great to cheat the election . Now they want to give us covid with the vaccine . 35 people have died from the vaccine already , probably more not reported .

  6. Why is it okay to have the "UK variant," the "Brazilian variant," or the "South African mutation" when the term "Wuhan Virus" is considered politically incorrect and xenophobic???

  7. Capitalism is no longer sustainable as the globalists can not sure up their efforts to destabilise for war here & there…

  8. Remember CHINA COVID-19 VIRUS, kills more American. Oh! i forgot we cannot say bad things about CHINA in America, that racist! MEDIA HYPOCRISY…

  9. please release the abc world news tonigt as a whole each episode. don't give it as 3 minutes .you can give it as 30 or 40 minutes all of it.

  10. Again. The chances of death have not changed catching the 1st variant to the 2nd. It isn't more deadly, it's just spread more easily. Quit lying

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