Hidden Beneath Its Surface… Discovery Made After Scan of a Picasso Painting

Researchers within the US have used a brand new scanning approach to find a portray beneath one among Pablo Picasso’s nice artistic endeavors, the Crouching Lady …

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24 thoughts on “Hidden Beneath Its Surface… Discovery Made After Scan of a Picasso Painting

  1. An important influence in art & design. Picasso has inspired me in my practice. I love painting with acrylics on stretch canvas. Thanks for the intelligent story about an important artist that has inspired many in the twentieth century forwards.

  2. I wonder why dont we do all suspect paintings like this? Davinci, for instance. I don't want to say too much, with out saying enough… I just… I wonder what other information is hidden simply because they dont allow public tests or decide to keep certain information "unknown" or otherwise completely unavailable to the public.

  3. Picasso Paintings for the rich money landering criminals not for any art. Any artist can creat better art than some of this crap.

  4. I watched the first 2 minutes and 15 seconds and saw about 15 seconds dedicated to finding a hidden work under a newer painting, and the rest was facts about his life.

  5. It is definitely an opinion that he is the greatest artist of all time. Edit – Don't get me wrong, he actually has some beautiful paintings, and those are not the ones that are always shown, I think some of his most outrageous pieces are what people tend to show the most… so I do appreciate some of his art, I just don't see him as necessarily the greatest artist of all time… I don't know if anyone could take that title.

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