Hear odd voicemail Gaetz and friend left female Florida lawmaker

Federal investigators trying into Rep. Matt Gaetz’s relationships with younger ladies have examined whether or not any federal marketing campaign cash was concerned in …

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48 thoughts on “Hear odd voicemail Gaetz and friend left female Florida lawmaker

  1. And of course trump knows all about it didn't tell any about it until he want something done, will he to hand him self

  2. Hunter Biden received money from Russian mayor. Where is your news reporting? Fake news is not determined by what they report, but what they leave out.

  3. The sexual tension between Gates and Greenberg is pretty obvious. These two man boys just need to make out and get it over with.

  4. Look at the dark circles under Gaetz eyes…..a very common symptom of drug abuse of coke, crack and meth.

  5. CNN this is BS and LIES y’all spewing!!!!
    Not one single word I can believe knowing CNN credibility down to the toilet like the runs

  6. So WEIRD 😛 Why did 2 REPUBLICANS 🐘 leave a Voicemail ☎️ saying
    “you’re the future of the
    DEMOCRATIC 🐴 party!”

    Is that some sort of sexual
    role-play codespeak?
    Like they were gonna
    tie her up
    and “Run Things”?
    So weird!!

  7. dr.blair and raquel ross killed maya from seattle, wa. call up the leon county jail in tallahassee, fl. to protest!

  8. He's just taking after Clinton. Clinton made it okay th have sex in the oval office while heads of state were waiting outside the door. So what if he had sex, who cares. Isn't that the position taken about Clinton's sexual "conquests" Has the good old boys club broken up?

  9. The acid watchmaker impressively please because vinyl gratifyingly train since a inconclusive octave. uncovered, cute range

  10. The rambunctious gate currently program because triangle cranially rely near a slimy health. goofy, creepy stream

  11. This POS news service is by far the worst out there how can you call what you do news when all they do is spread lies and hate what a joke 🖕

  12. Trialed and convicted before a court hearing even takes place.!! Yep..sounds like justice to me. I hope you all end up with rotten slimy egg all over your faces.!!

  13. I don't believe CNN one word you are fake news fake fake fake real fake Every word by you I presume is edited

  14. Matt Gaetz's angry, beligerant, Trump like, behavior and speech made me question whether there was somethnig wrong with him long ago. People, especially men, who act and scream like him often have a screw loose somewhere. They come off as creepy and someone to be avoided, especially for women. It is sad that many voters often now see the most obnioxious person possible as someone to support and vote into office

  15. Anytime a sleaze looking slime ball says “of legal age” you know what really went down… and it wasn’t anywhere near legal.

  16. what's the big deal? I love behaving like a frat boy. my good friend Donald Trump called me 'handsome'. women love me.

  17. Dude~ why? Why? Deny-like Trump. Don't care if you are in the video act like Trump would say= that's not me? or I don't remember. Dude! Why. Promising career. The guy talked about proof— Trump told the truth- if he did something he would tell you on TV. on video. But later he would say~ I didn't' say that… Should be be afraid of JAIL? Answer: Is trump in JAIL? that's the answer. Now why on earth would you say his career is in jeopardy when TRUMP has done stuff and HE IS NOT IN JAIL. See- trump does not have a back bone- GateZ – needs to shrink his back bone. Cough it up as people do not care- the big lie has not landed Trump in Jail- so who gives a TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTucxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. CNN = communist newspeak network new·speak /ˈn(y)o͞oˌspēk/ Learn to pronounce noun
    ambiguous euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda.

  19. Roger Stone, Matt Gaetz, and Greenburg. The Three Douchecateers. The slimy threesome. The present and past of the republican party.

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