Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands – The Beginning (part 1 of 2)

The Starting as Chelsea w/ Commentary (half 1 of two) Woohoo! Lastly received the sport. Anyway, I shall be speaking in a few of my movies. If it’s a walkthrough/information …

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20 thoughts on “Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands – The Beginning (part 1 of 2)

  1. Im too attached to grow together with the growth progression in Island of Happiness game, seeing Sunshine Island with the character but MUCH more developed without me, idk is it just me being sentiment but i felt left out :') and i find it harder to play since not so much foraging area in start game (stamina draining real quicc and broke af) while in IoH theres much more area and fishing helps alot of money, i lost the game not even finish the first year when i was elementary :') alot of ppl said SI is actually better than IoH, but my first impression tell me otherwise, should i give it a try again after yearss XD?

  2. Okey so it's a sequel to island of happiness ☺️

    I am loving island of happiness.
    87% island development and 77 people 😁

  3. These videos were my life when I got this game for christmas as a kid. It makes me smile so much coming back for a visit

  4. I like this review. I really like the game and i like harvest moon and how there's always a lot of things to do. I guess the only thing I don't like on this version is how your bed and your spouse bed is so far from each other its like they're divorce but still live in the same house.

  5. WOW alot of peoples birthdays are in October.. o.O mine is the 17th on Oct. lol anyways i LOVE AAAAALL of your videos Sandymaxy aka Alice. done well 😀

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