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21 thoughts on “Harper's Island Promo

  1. @rvj012, of those survivors, Abby, Jimmy, Sully, and Booth were played by the same actors. The original Henry and Trish were different.

  2. (I'm sorry, i'm german, I hope you understand what I mean)

    Is this a second harper's island? Because there are other people in it, other deaths, other showplaces. henry does'nt appear, or trish or her family …

    could somebody please tell me what this is? is there a second season???

  3. @CoheedMars90 if you don't like it fine- but it definitely wasn't a terrible show when you compare it to some of the other stuff on tv, and although the ending was a little hard to believe the whole season had me gripped and it was really original.

  4. no offence but it's common sense that if u go to a video there's going to be tons of comments about who died and who the killer is…not being rude but we're not just going to stop commenting just because people in other country's haven't seen it yet 🙂

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