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21 thoughts on “Guyana News Source 8th January 2021

  1. We are gonna get a tsunami in Guyana. Our people throwing garbage into the ocean, at the back of the market from the wharfs.

  2. Our streets are filthy and our citizens should be charge with littering the streets, and fined heavily. We look like we are living in the slums.

  3. Lmfao you're shocked? You're shocked that they're ignoring you? But weren't you their biggest supporter? Karma, the ppp is only looking out for themselves…

  4. Government is rite don't trust the city council. Don't put money into their hands.this mayor talks alot of garbage and siding with the opposition to currupt development. Town council not helping themselves to develop they city. What the doing with all the taxes.

  5. The mayor can get no money from ppp c gov to pass true his hand harmon you out of lucky you and mayor can get to thief now so it hurting mayor and you

  6. Miscellaneous powers of the council's

    The city council and Town council shall each have power to do All or any of the following thing's :

    To acquire , hire,erect, furnish , maintain and keep in repair such offices and buildings as may be required for the purpose of transacting the business of the council and for public meetings and Assemblies;

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