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19 thoughts on “Guyana News Source 20th January 2021

  1. This Law Suit against BK International is because Bahratt Battyo told Nandallall to do it because BK use to sort out Bahratt wife.

  2. This Gouvernmen is constantly fighting hard working Guyana and they're stealing money by the billions they are slicker than a serpent

  3. People just don't get it. Kamala Harris they voice president of they United States is not African she is a mix nationality. People stop using they word black people it's an insult.african people is calling dem self black people u people really don't get it

  4. Guyana is doomed, you know why, "oil". But it can change we need a renegotiation of the contracts. It's the worlds' worst oil deal ever in history, we need to protest for change or we ain't getting nun.

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