Green Arrow Arrives on the Island for Fortnite Crew Members – Nintendo Switch

Skilled archer Inexperienced Arrow will be a part of the Fortnite Crew in January’s Pack that includes his iconic look in addition to the Tactical Quiver Again Bling plus Model and Boxing …

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46 thoughts on “Green Arrow Arrives on the Island for Fortnite Crew Members – Nintendo Switch

  1. Nintendo attivi subito i video di kirby cartone nel gruppo kirby Chanel che sono un poliziotto d internet italiano se non lo farai cancellero questo gruppo che non farai mai video trailer cancellerò anche gli altri gruppi nintendo con diversa lingua CCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIITTTTTTOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Nintendo company… I will be happy if you can put ROBLOX on the Nintendo switch and because that well… sometimes there are events that people miss completely and get disappointed about it I will go to the ROBLOX channel and ask them if that’s ok. Please respond if saw this. -a Nintendo lover

  3. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for SNES Online please. Because if a rare game (Donkey Kong Country Games) could release on snes online even though Microsoft owns them, then get permission from square Enix to release super Mario rpg to snes online. I don’t care if it takes til 2022 to have it. I just want to play it using a $20 subscription and not spend outrageous amounts of money on a Super Nintendo with Mario RPG or a snes classic. Please

  4. nintendo why don't you think about releasing a mario bros movie with the help of studio universal you could release to theaters maybe this year HAPPY NEW YEAR NINTENDO

  5. Dear Nintendo, I ask that you may make a Mii themed game where we can play with your friends as Miis ! And go on adventures and play main story

  6. Hey Nintendo I heard that you are going to release the imposter from among us in super smash. Oh and please add siren head. He's a game character.


    Fortnite: are you sure? We have kratos, master chief, Ironman, sith trooper, Batman, black manta, Aquaman, Harley quiin, cable, Deadpool, dr doom, captain america, storm, marshmallow, ninja, finn, chief hopper, sofia, zorii bliss, major Lazer, the NFL, grind, Catwoman, demogorgon, starlord, Rey, psycho bandit, imperial storm trooper, kylo ren, clutch, black window, green Arrow, and John wick

    Me: my favorite characters, they all gonna DEFAULT DANCE!! OH NO!!

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