Not too long ago I visited two of the Greek Islands – Santorini and Milos. I hope my video captured this little piece of paradise the way in which I supposed to 🙂 INSTAGRAM …

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25 thoughts on “Greek Islands

  1. I love this MAGICAL video of Greece, Annie!! I'm planning to go there in September and just wanted to ask how you found solo travel there? Also, how did you get such incredible shots with you in the frame? xx

  2. this is magical. the way you capture your travels is truly breathtaking. i love it!
    one question though: what cameras/lenses do you use for most of your videos (eg this one/norway/new zealand..) – i'm looking for a new one & yours seems to be pretty incredible ☺️❤️ all the love

  3. Girl, you must must MUST make a video explaining how much money you have to save up to take these trips!!!! AND what do you tell your job? do you just get a job save up then quit? I don't see most jobs just letting you dissappear for months on end . do you really make enough from your etsy for all this?? explain how your doing all this travel and affording it ?! please please! details !

    love you so much

  4. Ooh! So beautiful😱 When we consciously think about all the beauty that exists on this planet and in the whole universe – it's rather breath taking🙏🏽🌱

  5. i am currently on a greek island – and u captured this amazingly. it gave me tingles- this vid is so beautiful and artistic 🙂 x

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