'Greatest Archaeological Discovery in British History' – Visiting Sutton Hoo

In August 2020 after months in my backyard glued to modifying software program I escaped and went on a journey to Sutton Hoo. Thought I might doc the journey so that you guys …

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29 thoughts on “'Greatest Archaeological Discovery in British History' – Visiting Sutton Hoo

  1. Great video Pete! Hope you're doing well. I live in East Anglia, I would love to see that Anglo-Saxon ship in person, it looks incredible.
    Do you have a replica of that Anglo-Saxon kings helmet? You had it in your hand.

    I love your content on History Time, can't wait for your next video!

  2. Is there any way that the people we think of as Anglo-Saxons were already there much earlier? Would it not make sense that rather than adopting buriel places of the ancestors of others that it was a continuation of their own? I really have no idea, so genuine question and I'm clueless.

  3. Ole Pete Kelly, hate your political views, but you got a talent at this.

    Btw, I’m going to Peru in March, I can’t wait to see the Spanish architecture and Incan ruins. Truly worthy of time researching it.

  4. Q: Hope I get to see "the dig." I have one streaming service, but I'll temporarily sub to another to see it. I love archaeology as a side by side to historical studies in general.👨‍🦰 Any idea of your ancestral mixture? Love the red hair. It's charming on the chin.

  5. Hey man, I really enjoy your videos. I was wondering if you could do a video about Wales during the early and middle medieval ages. Why were they mostly left untouched, even though they were surrounded by great powers, like Mercia, Wessex, and the Irish Vikings.

  6. There are no Anglo Saxon sites in Peru.
    Sorry to have to break it to ya… thank gawd for Covid….saved you some money! Oh, great video as always, love the Gregg's shot!

  7. Thank you, that was quite a tour. I know it's sad that the museum is closed due to pandemic, but exploring the site without the presence of any other tourist sounds like fun. Definitely a must-see if I ever visit your country.

  8. I just would like to say even though you are not a huge channel, please keep doing what you are doing. I am a dad with 2 small kids and work full time night shifts. I don't have the time to do these sorts of things but I really enjoy watching you do it and walk us along with super interesting insight.

    When the little sprogs grow up il definitely be spending my time doing similar activities. Fascinating.

  9. Love your narration and personal marvel at the history that lays before you. BUT the now-ubiquitous video selfie or v-logging style—with its wide angle, slightly distorted perspective and over-sized face—has begun to annoy so much that it is hardly watchable. I didn't even finish this video though it otherwise had much promise, but that was due mainly, I think, to your excellent narrative skills. Ever consider some other camera technique? Or invite a friend to film it and free you for better things??? Thanks, Mike

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