Grealish Transfer Hint! Alaba Snubs United?Man Utd Transfer News

Jack Grealish to Man Utd switch remains to be attainable however David Alaba strikes nearer to a Actual Madrid switch. Get the most recent Man Utd Information now on The United Stand.

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33 thoughts on “Grealish Transfer Hint! Alaba Snubs United?Man Utd Transfer News

  1. Well done to Ed for sticking by Ole. Many including Mark said sack him after Burnley in Jan. Instead Ed brought him Bruno.

    Well done Ed

  2. To be fair if Grealish leaves I think he has better options than United. United just isn't the draw it was. They may have got him in the summer but now his profile is too big for a club that used to win the league. Solksjaer will be gone when the results dry up and he'd be at a club always filled with uncertainty waiting a new manager. United dressing room seems stale and toxic, so many good players (and managers) have gone to United and seen their game deteriorate in the post Ferguson period and Pogba clearly doesn't want to be there. I think City or even Liverpool will try to sign him, that or a move to Spain which are all more attractive options these days.

  3. OLE Solskjaer,we are extremely disappointed to see the most prolific intelligent prayer,VAN DE BEEK Sitting on the Bench???

  4. Let's be honest I imagine most of us have said at some point Its time for Solskjaer to go, if we are being honest.
    Did any of us really expect this season up to now

  5. Upamecano is one of the fastest players in the bundesliga this season. Can’t speak on his agility, don’t know him that well but he’s very fast.

  6. I am happy we are winning and only hope we keep winning. Grinding results out, not convincing and it's not sustainable. Still Ole out.

  7. Grealish looks lethal in attack against united. He scares tf out of me evertyme he gets the ball. We need him on United asap

  8. I would be fucking sick with Ole if he plays a back 5 against city or Liverpool. We have learnt this lesson the hard way against leipzig in the second leg.

  9. Grealish will be a "bench warmer" at OT, he will be a fool to leave his childhood team, his relationship with Villa will never be the same !

  10. This is the same Mark that hyped up Dan James claiming he's the up and coming Giggs of this generation, now you're here calling him Sonic with no football brain lol.

  11. Kounde is expensive Sevilla want whoeve wants him to pay his release clause they said it to city which I believe is 86mill euros

  12. THE ARTICLE HEAFLINE IS UNDERMINING OLE TOO. Saying no one at the club was backing him barring ed, tells Ole and the whole world that people didn't believe in him. THIS CLUB IS A DISGRACE, IT DOESNY FESERVE THIS POSITION OR OLE.

  13. While it has been up and down under Ole, you can’t blame him. He wanted Grealish, a CB and Sancho. He got two youngsters, Cavani, Telles and VDB (who he clearly doesn’t rate). Ole is getting the results and deserved to be backed. Glazers, Woodward and Judge are the clowns, and Ole is covering for them!!

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