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21 thoughts on “Grealish Sign Him Up! Man Utd News Now

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  2. heeey awesome guys !Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

  3. Grealish will replace pogba, DVDB is a perfect reliever for BF just like Telles rests Luke shaw. I dont see any issue here.

  4. Let’s clear this up JG will never join Utd that’s from him and his dad who I know so you need to move on, he’s happy as hell and would only consider a top team if relegation ever happened and that’s a long way off with our billionaire owners so tootle pip old bean.

  5. I would not mind if this happen, he is at least premiere league proven. Something you could not really say about Sancho.

  6. Leave Pogba alone, he's leaving, he's coming into form and he looks like he is enjoying his game and with us behind him he could be departing as a hero. James should go to Leeds

  7. That’s a great Manc accent. Why not just buy the best players? Regardless of where they come from. Glory hunters are killing our game. Support your local clubs you plastic tossers.

  8. We need a good and creative player in the wings,Grealish is perfect with vision and passing.Van de beek was unnecessary transfer we need defensive midfielder for Matic rotation and future replacement!

  9. Even Rashford gets disgraceful stick, but only from our internet fans – fans of all other clubs rate him highly. Why not get behind our players?

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