Gravitas Plus: Do you sleep for less than 7.5 hours? Watch this

Are you sleeping lower than 7.5 hours an evening? Your life might be in danger. Research present sleep deprivation will increase the chance of most cancers. Sleeping much less additionally makes …

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31 thoughts on “Gravitas Plus: Do you sleep for less than 7.5 hours? Watch this

  1. Topper with a rare gene mutation when tell other great kids about there 6 hour sleep time, these kids due to peer pressure loose there overall focus forever.

  2. Totally wrong !!!! Just see Mr. Jaggi Vasudev's videos who is the author of book which was New York 's best seller .

  3. I think I sleep only 4 hr in a day… And always feel full of energy except when I do something really hard work.. Then I sleep of about 6 hours…
    And always wake up about bet. 3:304:00 daily since childhood… Yeah teen now… But I don't think sleeping this much work.. For me… Enough…

    Btw… Yeah might be its bcz of.. What she said only 3-4% ppl.. Have ability.. Kind of.. Might be I am one of them…. 😊

  4. Wonderful, this Gravitas program is the best in last 20 years of 24×7 news channel. Welldone palki and those who researched all the topics for this program .

  5. In 1888 Ellen G. White wrong that 2 hr before midnight is worth more than 4 hours after. Only now scientists discovered that.

  6. The talking style is so funny.Beginning of every sentence sounds like you are about to shoot a headline or “breaking news”😆😆

  7. I'm 23years of age and sleeps for 8 hrs. But my parents always calls me lazy🤣🤣. Can I get this video in Hindi to show them??? Please 🙏🙏

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