Gravitas: An 'accidental' discovery of life in Antarctica

A crew of scientists have found life 3000 toes beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. How do the creatures dwelling there survive? Which species do they belong to?

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25 thoughts on “Gravitas: An 'accidental' discovery of life in Antarctica

  1. Plz don't bring those dormant (unknown) organisms on surface(habitable zone where we live) coz they can spread new diseases which we are totally unaware .
    Let them be there .
    No need to carry on extra research and create situation which we cannot control.

  2. So we have been taught that oxygen is essential for life, who knows other plants have life , which is using other gas to live, relatively to their nature. May be Einsteins relatively theory you should apply here also

  3. These creatures are called Asura, meaning the underground demonic beings. Like wise Sura are from the Cosmic regions known as Gods

  4. why is human so confused?
    regarding life on Antarctica, beneath 3000 feet or on other planets?
    off course there is life, not necessary that they are just like us, as it is suitable to live on earth.
    may be on another planets environmental condition may be different like gravity difference, more complex or poisones for human?
    but that living form or species have developed the ability or suitability to survive in that environment & they are growing well, may be they are at advance or primary stage.

  5. organisms not needing sunlight and eating could be a great source of food if ever in the future we venture forth more into space and leave our solar system. But that's way too far for now.

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