The gorilla twins get to discover extra of the island. And typically they go over to see siblings. And there’s a new child within the group, Shatilla gave delivery to a little bit …

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  1. Hallo Lieke, how can I refer this video for other people? It is wonderful watching such a huge crowd with babies.

  2. How beautiful this is ! All these sweet babies with their parents !
    I am overjoyed with their happiness.
    Happy New Year to you all, with a special THANK YOU to you Liekes.
    You have shown us, almost on a daily basis this past year, these gentle creatures so close to us, the Apes,
    « Les Grands Singes ». and this has been a real treat and many warming times for me,
    Thank you dear Liekes.

  3. Can gorilla twins be identical? I believe they can but not completely sure. Are these twins identical? They sure are adorable!

  4. Thank you once again Lieke for another heart-warming film! Since subscribing to your channel, I’ve come to think of ‘Lieke’s Shot of Life’ as my ‘Daily Dose of Joy’. I love watching this gorilla troupe – they look so happy, healthy and relaxed. Papa Gorilla is one chill dude and is clearly proud of his big happy family! Lieke, from waaaay down here in Tasmania, Australia, I wish you and your family all the very best for 2021❣️

  5. In deze periode waren er dus 6 baby's, ze zijn niet allemaal tegelijk in beeld maar ik heb ze volgens mij wel allemaal terug gezien. Het was genieten. Je hebt er weer iets moois van gemaakt 🙂

  6. God bless you Lieke.
    Through your camera we here can watch beautiful lives ff the little gorilla babies and their families and troops.
    Thank you.
    Also God bless the little babies and the elderly in their troops.
    May all ff them.
    Stay blessed happy healthy protected always.
    God bless.

  7. OMG this was another beautiful video… Its crazy how happy it makes me to watch the little ones, so precious… TY…. 😁

  8. This video is a grand way to peaceful countdown, closing of 2020. Your videos have been a salvation. Thank you 🙏🏾

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