GOP Senators To Challenge Presidential Election Results | NBC Nightly News

Eleven Republican senators and senators-elect introduced that they’ll object to certifying Joe Biden’s Electoral School victory when Congress meets on …

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27 thoughts on “GOP Senators To Challenge Presidential Election Results | NBC Nightly News

  1. It is your Fathers and Grand fathers Legacy at stake…They stood for Truth..Justice and Honor..Trump stands for none of those things and neither do his followers.
    ALL of Heaven is watching America..choose well!

  2. The very thing your fathers and grand fathers fought against …is the very thing America is becoming!! Think about that!

  3. This World is full of Love and great people..Trump and his followers are ALL about Hate..and ugliness
    AMAZING some of you have trouble choosing?

  4. I ask everyone to please read the response given to me by RICH KILCHRIST…especially the part where he mentions the democratically created "FAKE PANDEMIC"… a most 'horrendous' and desperate last minute attempt to convince me that he and republicans are deserving of a victory in the coming days. And this, coming from someone whose name is 'K I L C H R I S T !!!' YIKES!

    "Coup started when Trump was elected in 2016 & occurred for 4 years after with collusion & Quid Pro Quo allegations that actually turned out to be about Biden. Then continued into an impeachment scam that failed into "a fake pandemic" to pull off election fraud on a massive scale which included the horrendous mail-in voter scam. Now when EVIDENCE is being brought to light the courts refuse to hear it, so it can't be tried & the MEDIA avoids recognizing it and reports it as FALSE to the public. ALL the while acting shocked and in disbelief that the very idea is nonsense to provide the few out in the public that are gullible or who really don't care about honesty as long as they can get Trump out of the White House.


    This is the state we are in, and you are suggesting exile of the only person brave enough to stand up to the OBVIOUS Color Revolution that is taking place? You are either a shill from another country posting to continue the crime being committed on the American people, or you are completely blind and ignorant and choose to stay that way by means of apathy. Do your self a favor and do your own research because those who were once trusted with providing honest reporting with integrity have all been purchased by the CCP & are now acting as an armed propaganda machine in this silent war over the LAST FREE PLACE ON EARTH. APATHY & TOLERANCE are the last sounds of democracy! Don't be part of the reason future generation of humans from across the planet have nowhere to escape to from the brutal treatment of socialism, communism and dictators that have chased generations here to the land that has provided freedom and a way to a better life to FOLLOW THE AMERICAN DREAM!

    -by Rich KILCHRIST

  5. Please read and let us together fight against the party of the Devil through education. You will find out why all the Non-Shia Muslims in the world have been deceived by the Devil and Her chosen evil leaders and they do not know it. Please tell everyone in the world to read it. Thank you and God bless you.

  6. Trumps and his sell out party members doing treasonous acts. And they should be arrested and tried with a long term in prison

  7. All of you basterds selling out Trump are traitors media tech courts fbi doj CIA all of you the entire world knows Trump won you are all traitors your guilty of treason & should all hang from your necks

  8. 4500 hundred years ago the Egyptians believed that your heart was weighted on the scale against the feather of the goddess Maat,who personified order,truth and what is right
    Your heart's are being weighed…but Hate is HEAVY

  9. This was nothing more than a lesson in Humility…Sent straight from Heaven…And America failed the test..
    And so much for the so called self anointed chosen one…seems like GOD didnt agree..You will learn Humility or die by the virus.. you have a choice..So did ALL humanity..but the rest of the world DID get the message America

  10. NEWS FLASH..You are battling GOD America…and you expect to WIN..🤣 wake up.
    GOD said let there be a Pandemic but let the cure for this Pandemic be love compassion and respect for your fellow human beings
    AMERICA. never got the message

  11. Trump supporter: "My COVID test just came back…I'm confused. It's just the number 83. My IQ test is positive, though".

  12. republicans need to re found their glorious party……and get rid of people like cruz and trump and many others !

  13. Wow, more people standing up against the Deep State. Guess the world is watching now as the swamp water drains out, we can clearly see the fraud and those behind it and those who support it. Deep state backing Bido and fraud has got to go to jail.

  14. Ask biden . I would like to hear biden defend this statement. “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."

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