GOP senator to force vote on Electoral College results

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley mentioned he’ll object when Congress counts the Electoral Faculty votes subsequent week, which can pressure lawmakers in each the …

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32 thoughts on “GOP senator to force vote on Electoral College results

  1. I’m going to make a really silly comment but I can’t resist when my crazy intuition jumps out. I think Josh Hawley wants to impress Ivanka. He wants to get with her, I’m serious … you know, sort of lol

  2. This is very dangerous and could lead Us to a civil war. No one will accept to overturn the will of american people. Biden Is the president and what Gop want to do Is absurdly unconstitutional.

  3. Biden and McConnell have sold out to the CCP. Main stream media covering it up along with the election fraud. Who hasn't sold out to the CCP nowadays? And the sheep gobble up the CRAP. Learn a thing or two about what Communist China is doing to America while you watch fake news. They don't want Joe in the WH cause he's so great! lol And Kamala's husband has some China connection too…so!😉

  4. Republicans are getting their karma. They enabled a known narcissist for their own political gain which served them. Now they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place because his support is so strong that anyone going away from him is not going to get reelected. Trump is the death of the republican party and they only have themselves to blame congratulations the tea tastes good

  5. I guess very few of you caught the cyber expert hacking into the Dominion machine. Oh, thats right, CNN is your cult leader.

  6. Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown <———
    This is an incredible interview on these lockdowns, well worth the

  7. These children need to be voted out of office for caring more about securing their own future but not giving us the help we need meanwhile voting to send money to other countries..

  8. The Biden "win" of the 2020 election is similar to the Russian collusion, pre-election polls, and no covid vaccine anytime soon narratives. They were lies and so is the current status of the election as a Biden win.

  9. All those including Hawley know deeply well that their mouthpieces and challenges would not change the election outcome. The ONLY ONLY intention is very self serving. They want Trump's attention and licking Trump's butt and kissing up to Trump's base keeping them reelected.

  10. 反正大陸南鯊丁,革而,自表爵,只有起手式,也只对少女们那个而己,也拆了洗罪橋,SO,只須女性们多小心注意防範,对世界不会有大影响,他们的本性教育如此,,,,,SO。

  11. Josh Hawley is a lot more dangerous than Trump, he won't be off golfing every w/e. The next election may be as important as 2020.

  12. Hawley and his cohorts should be charged with sedition. Because that's exactly what it is. That we've come to the point where one party has gladly given up any pretense of supporting democracy. When do they start going to jail??

  13. VP Pence will handover this issue to the SCOTUS on Jan 6th, Trump will win again at SCOTUS!!!

  14. Either the party that used to be of Lincoln has now become the party of Jefferson Davis, or, more likely, 60% of the Republican Party will go back to the party of Lincoln if Trump leaves the scene. The other 40% always were the Party of Jefferson Davis, the newly formed fascist ReTrumplicans.
    America does not need ReTrumplicans, the party of lies.

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