GOP Registration Drops Nationwide After Capitol Attack | Meet The Press | NBC News

As voters and former elected officers go away the Republican get together, an even bigger pattern in voter identification comes into focus.» Subscribe to NBC Information: …

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35 thoughts on “GOP Registration Drops Nationwide After Capitol Attack | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. The more educated and the more "conscience" the voters get, the people are more supporting the Democrats.
    The more radicalized, the more Republican, the more decency, the more Democrats.

  2. That’s surprisingly low. The Party of family values, law and order, accountability, etc.. which they’re doing the complete opposite of what their standing for. Now the GQP is supporting domestic terrorism and ideologies.

  3. Lmao!! Can anyone please tell me exactly how these meaningless numbers this moron just gave us shows anything other than voter registration demographic trends within each party and nothing more? People for some unknown reason will blindly swallow the most irrelevant info possible just because they're told it should taste good 😂😂😂. Maybe I should be looking for girl who's democrat instead🤔!

  4. it's not classist to state the fact that low educated people fall into republicanism. we need tuition free 4 year college (LIKE WE USED TO HAVE IN THIS COUNTRY)

  5. The vivacious dentist conformably disagree because pumpkin continuously hum inside a square poultry. economic, important yoke

  6. Again more "funny" data when all groups swung to Republican in higher numbers in 2020. Hello! The problem is data and graphs can be manipulated. Good job Chuck more lies….

  7. And it’s not like Dems are hoarding these things either. We want people to be educated, and we don’t discriminate against men who’d rather be women. Lol

  8. You will believe the news media especially NBC news , as if you Journalists have not done enough already to deter the people. Now you ( NBC ) comes up with your fictitious figures of you left the Republican Party because you all know the election for Governors and mayors etc is coming but my question is what is the news media’s afraid of because you all seems to be hiding something and is only one side is brave enough to expose it . I am African straight black but I am not native , evil prevail when good men do nothing

  9. The Trump Party is a losing Party.
    Popular vote in 2016.
    House to Blue Wave in 2018.
    Popular & Electoral vote in 2020.
    Senate to Blue Wave in 2021.

  10. Time magazine said it all. Powerful well funded cabals changed election laws to change the election. Why are we impeaching the guy who is most likely the legitimate president?

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