GOP election lawyer: This is the wild card in Trump's impeachment case

CNN’s Pamela Brown and Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsberg focus on former President Donald Trump’s announcement that David Schoen and Bruce L.

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25 thoughts on “GOP election lawyer: This is the wild card in Trump's impeachment case

  1. The low number of comments are priceless! Either democratic cnn regretters are crying or ashamed to comment and admit they voted for the sniffer and watch comedy tv called news. I came for the laughs cause I can't cry anymore right now about what is going to be the future for my grandchildren if this shit isn't exposed. Trump is the president

  2. Nobody wants to give a platform for the election fraud because mainstream media and Democrats don't want the fraud to be found out and that's why no court in the land would hear the case because they're all in on it

  3. election was rigged using mail in ballots. Mail in ballots were rigged using covid-19. Covid-19 was rigged using the flu numbers. Flu numbers were rigged using mainstream media and social media. Media was rigged using money. Money was rigged by the central banks. Central banks are rigged by the United nations

  4. I'm disappointed. I thought they would drop this crap and I would stop hearing about it and they would work on actual issues…

  5. If you want to shake up the Republican Senators that sign that paper saying the election was rigged. Trump and his senators and his conspiracy people that caused this insurrection. This is how you do it. Let them know you will be using Rico's laws in Trump's case watch the Senators Run for the Hills and blame each other. Why do you think Lindsey Graham is shaking in his boots right now he knows this is coming and he's the first to go to prison because of his involvement in this interaction.


  7. Trump should be left alone. The election was stolen from him and he was one of the best presidents ever. cnn sucks and should all be shut down for the same things you want to cancel us. Stop the steal of our country

  8. Was it a lie that certain states stopped counting votes on this election. Was it a lie that Detroit put huge pieces of cardboard over windows to prevent any one from seeing what ballots the were counting. Was it a lie that suitcases of ballots were pulled from under a table in Georgia after press and republicans were shooed away. Was it a lie that mailed in ballots were given no scrutiny for authenticity. Was it a lie that constitutional laws were disregarded in all the battleground states to the benefit of China Joe Byden. Was it a lie that Dominion voting machines had massive errors in the vote tabulation and needed special adjudication. Have any of the voting machines been truly and independently audited.
    I know who the liars are, there on TV every night, if their lips are moving, then there telling LIES!!!!!

  9. Greene is totally nuts, how did she get elected in the first place? Psycho Wannabe King Trump and all of Trump's Oath Breakers (McCarthy, Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Gaetz, Graham, Hawley, etc…) are also a slice of crazy! Anyone still loving & loyal to Trump should be removed from Senate / Congress fast & completely because AMERICA EMBRACES DIVERSITY & we are NOT nor will we ever be white supremacists!

  10. I am asking myself why would Dump bring up election fraud if it could only hurt him and not help him. I read his other legal concil parted ways because they were not going to bring up voter fraud. Why is everyone so against it if it will weaken his case. I don't get it. Let him bring what ever case he wants. Why do we care.

  11. Its not he its WE THE PEOPLE who know it was stolen and how. And no matter how you lie it will never change. A jury like no other? That means they are already bought off. In the end you will all go down including your kangaroo news cast. Rockefeller sycophants.

  12. AOC said she and many others knew a week before ? The Capitol Security asked for the National Guard 6 times. Then 25000 National Guards afterwards and Impeachment of President Trump. Why would you allow this joke to happen then bring in the National Guard afterwards ?? If some idiots reacted to the provocation after the attack on 75 million supporters you would have the forces available for Marshall Law suspend Congress and President Biden would rule by Executive Order. So what has happened different to the Democrat Plan ??? No idiots over reacted, Congress shutdown with a silly impeachment and President Biden rules by Executive Order.

  13. As if anyone would even think a lawyer represents truth justice or law. He looks like he'd help a organ thief for the right price.

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