Google threat to pull search engine in Australia – BBC News

Google has threatened to take away its search engine from Australia over the nation’s try and make the tech large share royalties with information publishers. Australia …

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29 thoughts on “Google threat to pull search engine in Australia – BBC News

  1. This seems like a biased presentation because
    1. Google is worth $280 Billion
    2. She doesn't specify how much google gets charged by the news organisations, each time they click a link
    3. W ether consumers will be charged for writing online reviews through google serevies
    4. If consumers get charged, then you should write reviews directly on the GB HI FI website.
    5. Warning be careful of the Amazon Help Scam on Google, which google refuse to eliminate. The scam is an 11 digit number
    (0011 1 206-922-0880 ). Do not dial this number as it is a scam. Because you will pay for dialing the number.
    6. The second scam is if you speak to live chat online, a person pretending to be from Amazon, asks how they can help you. After you inform them about the problem, then they request your credit card details to take $5, which they claim they will refund back to you, after their help. This is shameful from Amazon, which are worth 1.7 Trillion dollars
    And don't listen to Kevin Rudd.

  2. There are plenty of other companies that would be more then happy to take Googles place. I'm Aussie and live in Australia. I'm more than happy to use a different search engine if it means it keeps local business thriving.

  3. Entire swaths of information missing: the deal with France is for news stories selectively published on Google News, not links shown in Google Search. While they are owned by the same company they are wildly different products, with different goals; one is editorialized (Google News) and another is flat. What Australia is essentially asking for is to control what search results are shown.

    Instead of actually consulting people that are an authority on the subject, they blindly throw spaghetti at the wall; these are the same politicians that started a gigabit fibre rollout to end up with something 4x+ the cost and 1/10th the speed b/c Abbot thought sub-3G speeds were "fine" b/c someone with a Law "degree" thought they understood networking.

  4. so when general motors, ford, and toyota decide to axe their australian automotive manufacturing, it's a "justifiable business decision" but when google decides to pull out of australia it's a "threat"?

  5. Australia is a dictatorship Google is right on this one. look at Australian government what they did to tobacco companies government takes 70% profit from them, Australia has highest price of cigarettes in world they don't allow it's citizens to buy cheaper cigarettes from overseas ,ban on nicotine vape too Australia is one big Nanny state and screw alll you that vote in these idiots.

  6. "blackmail", "threats" media really knows how to describe it. Media is greedy. Or "You can't restrict access too the internet." these people have almonds of brains, they are a search engine to make it easier to use the internet. glossing over their importance and talking about how much money they are making. Really all media sources are biased on this discussion, trying to make it sound like the law is a good thing.

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