"Godzilla vs Kong" TRAILER Reaction! – Monster Island Babble

godzilla #kong #response FINALLY! The “Godzilla vs Kong” trailer has dropped! Listed below are my preliminary reactions and ideas! Share yours beneath. Grownup language …

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28 thoughts on “"Godzilla vs Kong" TRAILER Reaction! – Monster Island Babble

  1. Why do you ad swear words in your youtube videos kids may be waching like me and they may learn thes words and also sometimes I don,t know some spelings

  2. You shouldn’t be talking of how Godzilla is the dick, you are Godzilla. LOL🤣🤣🤣. Great joke. Can you rank the Monsterverse movies with this movie?

  3. Hey man, I have been away from monster island buddies for a few years, sorry about that, just for some reason stoped getting notifications, so I hope I am welcomed back

  4. I don't know if I'll be laughing my ass off or letting out a deep sigh if it's revealed that aliens are behind Godzilla's aggressive behaviour.

  5. Honestly after examining the trailer I think the “Evil” Godzilla is actually Mechagodzilla in the same vein of the original Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla said

  6. Frankly, I would LOVE to see Godzilla be put in the Villain role again. Godzilla is complex and has played hero, villain, and neutral animal many times. One of the reasons I LOVE Godzilla.

    People are just afraid because if they make Kong the hero, that automatically means he will win. But we live in a new age. Anything can happen. Maybe Godzilla wins but then needs Kong’s help to defeat another enemy, or vice versa.

  7. Yoo no way I finally found your channel again I used to watch the first episodes of monster island buddies and it was the best time ever glad I found you again

  8. I'm gonna shout in the theaters if i see kong rips through gojira's skin only finding metal inside and the real one just joins the fight and beats the crap out of both kong and mecha godzilla because he doesn't know anything about the fight yet he doesn't know who is good or bad he just wants to save the city and kong gets mad and the real fight begins that will be legendary

  9. If you look 00:4 that kind of looks like mega Godzilla
    And if it is not that might be a smaller one because he should not be the size of Kong Godzilla would be bigger

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