Global National: Jan. 31, 2021 | Concerns over provinces easing COVID-19 restrictions

In our high story: Canada hit a grim milestone within the COVID-19 pandemic on Sunday because the variety of deaths surpassed 20000. Every day numbers have gone down …

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30 thoughts on “Global National: Jan. 31, 2021 | Concerns over provinces easing COVID-19 restrictions

  1. So sad why has it been a year???? You obviously don’t no what’s really going on about the COVID….this is my country and I wish I could fight everyone outta here, close the borders

  2. .. los Alcaldes, Gobernadores y Presidentes "NO SON AUTÓNOMOS", SON OBLIGADOS POR EL CABAL (GLOBALISMO) DESDE LA OMS .. eso es todo ..!! // preguntas: ¿por qué (presuntamente) incineran a los muertos por Covid, y "NUNCA" los dejan ver? ¿por qué hay videos colados en internet donde se vé que todos los muertos por Covid presentan intervenciones como si les hubieran extraído corazón e hígados? (la pregunta peluda) ¿por qué el ExMinistro en 🇱🇹COLOMBIA🇱🇹 estuvo altamente asistido en clínica privada con pronta recuperación (y después) resultó en un hospital militar falleciendo al día y medio de haber ingresado? .. ahí hay algo raro, y a nivel global nadie quere ver mas allá de la mediatez .. ¿será Moloc el causante de todo esto? .. (pregunta repeluda); ¿por qué cíclicamente se está repitiendo todo lo acontecido hace 2000 años con niños a millón desaparecidos y muertos por doquier? ¿temen que suceda alguna repetición como temió herodes por aquellos días? .. // abrazo desde Roma 🇮🇹 ITALIA 🇮🇹

  3. When will China export the fourth pandemic to the rest of the world? They already exported SARS, H1N1, and COVID-19. Yes, the communist bastards that run the country know exactly what they are doing.

  4. Re Story about the rise in child abuse. Oh you mean the lockdowns have consequences? Gee who knew? Clearly Ford, Trudeau, and the band of idiots that have imposed the lockdowns, don't know this.

  5. How many Canadian politicians and health officials have lost pay cheques as a result of the restrictions they have put in place? Answer: Not a single one..ZERO. Think about that, everyone.

  6. Im more scared about the measures taken to "protect" you from covid than the actual virus. 99.997% survival rate or loss off all freedoms.

  7. Masks are the biggest hoax and control. Huge fear mongering lies because you own the media world wide. Medically been proven not to stop any virus. What a huge sin you people are promoting to collapse the world economy by using huge lies and fear. You will answer to God Almighty for this!

  8. You mean 20,000 deaths ATTRIBUTED to covid. Since there is no adequate test, there is no way to tell who died from what, aside of course from the many deaths from all other deaths simply labelled as "covid". This is a colossal medica fraud.

  9. Where I live in eastern Canada anti restriction protesters are being aggressively suppressed. I know. I have been there.

    I have been fined for protesting with a group of more than 5 people while masked and socially distanced.

    I was threatened with arrest, told I would be held for a large amount of time and my car would be towed, and I saw 6 others out of the 25 around me arrested for not giving id or being repeat offenders and not wearing a mask while having a medical exemption. The police refuse to look at medical exemption cards at protests, they just hand out 300 dollar fines and say show it in court. At the time 1 in 3000 has covid.

    As far as what I was protesting, I was protesting for the right to protest in a large group if masked and distanced. In the past I have protested for medical exemptions to be respected, against lockdowns that took place when 1 in 10,000 had covid with closed business and schools, and against closures of senior care home visitstion that deprived seniors of company in their final months of life.

  10. Concerns by who exactly? People who have job security and want to work from home as long as possible because they're lazy?

  11. If Canada and Canadians keep screwing around with Covid we are going to be dealing with this for years. They just aren't learning a damn thing. Anyone who complains about their right to not wear a mask I say I have the right to punch you in the face for endangering my life. Fair is fair.

  12. When you report on Covid deaths would you mind reporting ALL the other deaths of that DAY. Then we would have a balanced information. …can't hear you Global.

  13. If the masks work, why is everyone in lockdown a year after most people started wearing them! Only fools could believe such nonsense! They can’t even isolate the first “deadly virus” THERE WAS NO EXCESS MORTALITIES ANYWHERE IN 2020!!!!!!

  14. I have concerns over tyranny mental health and suicide. Everyone needs to open and defy the government. Canada is free.

  15. More and more people are waking up and doing their own research. You should also unless you're too scared because the government will stop "taking care" of you.

  16. Tell both sides of the story. Rebel news makes you look like story book tellers. Get out there, get dirty, get voices of real people. Not people only siding with your pre programmed agenda!!!

  17. Why did tRudeau bring back sick Canadian military from China with no test's done? This is getting to thick to ignore. Rebel News had RC'S at their home telling them to quit printing the truth.

  18. PCR tests are 100 percent inaccurate. They use over 35 amplifications which even Fauci states shows only dead nucleotides and no isolated covid virus. The actual covid virus has not been isolated according to Koch's postulate. PCR tests also search for chromosome 8 (a human DNA sequence) as an indication of a 'positive case'. So, since everyone has chromosome 8, then everyone will test positive as a 'case'. Conclusion: more testing will give more 'cases'. Even the W.H.O. has said 'vaccination won't stop the covid flu, it will only minimize symptoms'. Thus, if people keep getting tested, and because the chromosome 8 DNA sequence is a part of our human make-up, then 'case' numbers will continue to rise, but will not indicate an accurate figure of who is actually sick. However, with continuous 'cases' popping up due to continuous inaccurate PCR testing, the government will continue to exploit those false positives as an excuse for further lock-downs. And let us not forget that the flu deaths always bottom out in the warm Summer season….and come back with the Winter pneumonia/flu season. Do an internet search on this title: Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE

  19. The real Evil is this Government.
    100% responsible .
    Fear based mind control is an act of war , and the reason people are losing their resolve .

  20. OMG I am so sick of listening to this "news" … I do realize that common sense isn't that common, but seriously has the entire world turned into a bunch of morons? Has no one noticed that stories keep changing? It's odd, it appears that the news is changing depending on what I see when I look out my windows. Perhaps Covid is linked to the weather somehow? 😉

  21. No. Masks won't protect you, unless it's full-suit hazmat suit with respiratory filtering system.

    It doesn't matter how often you wear masks. You will breathe bacteria back inside, over and over again with mask on. Masks in, likelihood of developing bacterial pneumonia is high. If you're sick, then combination with mask would be deadly.

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